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The more people who choose to use a bike or e-bike for more daily use, errands, and serious recreation, the more bike-related companies bring great variety and quality levels to associated products and accessories. Specialized has long complemented their urban-focused bike options with useful accessories, as well as once distributing a serious line-up of Tailwind touring bags of all kinds, so the Morgan Hill, CA based company is always looking to add great options for their riders. With the rise of e-bikes, climate change concerns, and more population density in small, medium and large cities, the cycling public can find just the right gear at great price points to suit their needs and budgets. While a utility use option such as a pannier may seem simple, some designs do take into account that reducing aerodynamic drag from such outboard items spares you battery usage, especially over longer trips and in the upper half of the speed range of an e-bike.

Complementing Specialized e-bikes, especially the Turbo Vado and Turbo Como models, Specialized developed the current Tailwind Pannier Bag, which delivers a sleek, waterproof, semi structured design offered in Left and Right specific options, which are ideal for workday commuting requirements, quick, light shopping excursions, and recreational utility use. The Tailwind aerodynamic panniers blend form with function, reducing drag and battery consumption by up to 6% when tested against competitors. Their low-bulk, clean-lined design delivers increased stability with a sleek aesthetic, creating a modern storage solution that lets you go further, faster, without compromising on what you carry. These are a perfect option for those riders with the Turbo Vado SL EQ e-bikes, with their semi-integrated lights, fenders, and 33lb rated rear rack as a daily driver, protecting your work gear, lunch and laptop- rain or shine.

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  • Sleek, waterproof semi structured panniers offered in Left and Right options- ideal for workday commuting requirements, small shopping excursions, and recreational utility use
  • Klickfix mounting system lets you load the bags on and off your bike quickly for easy transitions, freeing up the top of the rack for additional carrying
  • Aerodynamic panniers blend form with function, reducing drag and battery consumption by up to 6% when tested against competitors
  • Compatible with all standard racks and all racks on Specialized bikes
  • Sleek, water-resistant design sheds rain so your stuff stays dry when the weather gets nasty
  • Seam sealed dual zippers make access and water protection simple
  • Unique right- and left-sided design delivers optimal aerodynamics for increased efficiency
  • Internal laptop sleeve carries your computer snug and safe (laptops up to 17” screen)
  • 360-degree reflective graphics help drivers see you coming
  • Freestanding shape for accessible loading and unloading
  • 17 L capacity for all your gear, whether you’re going downtown or way out of town
  • Approx. dimensions: 400mm x 330mm x 142mm |14.75" x 13" x 5.59" (height/width/depth)
  • Color: Black
  • Sold as: Left or Right
  • Weight: 1050 grams (actual, +/-5g)
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