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Clothing Gloves - Long Finger - Men

Ideally a thermal glove will be perfect for just about everyone, but it can be hard to know what the right level of thermal warmth is best for you. Specialized offers the Softshell Thermal Glove for mid-range, shoulder season conditions or cool summer mornings. Lighter weight softshell layered fabrics that offer wind resistance, a one-way breathable membrane, and a light thermal layer generally offer the right protection level for cycling from 45-60°, but that range could vary by individual. Other factors can include how tight the wrist cuff is, as well as how tightly you regularly grasp the bar. Ideally you don't want a wrist cuff or glove that is too tight or restrictive, as those aspects can impact blood flow down into your fingers. By not being able to relax your hands some on the bar while still having proper control, you can also restrict blood flow, which means you get colder faster in moderate temps while flying along the trail.

With a 3-layer softshell fabric system as described above, along with a wrist cuff that is adjustable and designed to be flexible, an AX Suede palm with an outstanding level of inherent grip that is accentuated by a considerable application of silicone grip zones, the Specialized's Softshell Thermal Glove can be a great option for most cyclists, and you can see how the fabric and features allow you to address the challenges that can limit a glove's effectiveness. No glove can do it all for every individual, but if you find the right fit and construction, while learning to relax your hands a little and let the tacky surfaces do their work, this is a glove that can perform with you and keep you comfortable in temperatures that require shoulder season clothing overall. With the added benefit of touch screen compatibility, you can also be warm while accessing your messages while you wait for your companions at the top of the daily climb.

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  • Mid-range, lighter weight thermal glove that delivers balanced features and performance
  • Wind-resistant 3-layer softshell upper staves off wind and chilly weather
  • Hydrophobic Ax Suede fit palm ensures a confident grip with the bars
  • Wiretap™ touchscreen-compatible for easy use of smartphones
  • Velcro cuff with soft flexibility allows for micro-adjustments in fit; wear glove sunder or over jacket cuff without being too restrictive
  • Fabric Content: 100% Polyester
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL
  • Color: Black
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Helmets- Evade II, Prevail II, Echelon II, Propero III, Airnet
Helmet SizeSML
Head Circumference 51-56cm (20-22")55-59cm (21¾-23¼")59-63cm (23¼-24¾")
Helmets- Tactic 4, Gambit, Mode
Helmet SizeSML
Head Circumference 51-56cm (20-22")55-59cm (21¾-23¼")58-62cm (22¾-24½")
Cycling Shoes
Specialized Euro3637383940414243444546474849
Mens US4.2555.756.57.5899.610.611.512.251313.7514.5
Specialized Euro3536373838.53939.54040.54141.54242.54343.544
Womens US55.756.57.257.588.599.259.51010.510.751111.512
Sock SizeS M LXL
US Shoe Size4-67-910-1213+
Specialized Euro Shoe Size36-3940-4243-4546+
Mens Shorts, Bibs, Knickers & Tights
Mens Jerseys, Jackets & Vests
Mens Gloves
Middle Finger Length<7.6cm7.6-8cm8.1-8.6cm8.6-9cm9-9.4cm>9.4cm
Palm Length<10.8cm10.8-11.1cm11.1-11.3cm11.3-11.7cm11.7-12.1cm>12.1cm
Thumb Length<6.1cm6.1-6.4cm6.4-6.8cm6.8-7.1cm7.1-7.4cm>7.4cm
Palm Circumference<21.5cm21.5-22cm22-22.5cm22.5-23.5cm23.5 - 24.5cm>24.5cm
Womens Gloves
Middle Finger Length<6.4cm6.4-6.9cm6.9-7.4cm7.4-7.8cm7.8-8.4cm>8.4cm
Palm Length<9.3cm9.3-9.7cm9.7-10cm10-10.4cm10.4-10.8cm>10.8cm
Thumb Length<5.1cm5.1-5.4cm5.4-5.7cm5.7-6.1cm6.1-6.5cm>6.5cm
Palm Circumference<17.5cm17.5-18.5cm18.5-19.5cm19.5-20.5cm20.5-21.5cm>21.5cm
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