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Road Rim Cement

Specialized Tubular Glue Red

Specialized's tubular glue has had a terrific reputation with World Tour and top-level mechanics for years. It applies more easily and evenly than some other options, and it's red color makes it obvious where you have applied. It has been optimized for both tubular and carbon rims, and is very effective and reliable with various tubular casing systems.

If you have struggled with tubular glue in the past, we highly recommend you give it a try. Each 120 gram can is considered adequate for 3 tubular road tires, though your preference for layers, the tired width, and the tire casing itself can vary. The threaded lid not only fastens properly to save the glue, but also has an integrated application brush. Specialized kindly supplies a pair of allergen-free nitrile gloves for keeping your hands clean, or for inflating to make "turkeys" at cross races in the pits. Another good reason for having a black marker in your tool roll!


  • Tubular glue favored by many pro team and top-level mechanics
  • Glue optimized for carbon and aluminum rims
  • Formula derived from the most used and proven European recipe
  • Threaded lid with Brush included for application
  • Contains enough glue to mount three tubular tires (approx, based on layer approach, size, etc)
  • Comes with a pair of nitrile gloves
  • Product is Red, making it easier to identify where applied
  • Size: 120 gram can