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Road Tires - Clincher

The best clincher tires combine great feel and control with the ease of clincher use, yet must perform at a high level to be truly excellent riding options. Feel often comes down to the casing of a tire, which in the best clinchers has a high TPI count (partially based on construction method). For the Turbo Cotton Road Tire, Specialized spec'd a 320 TPI polycotton casing that not only offers great feel from it's flexibility, but is the product of master craftsmanship, leading to a truly round and consistent basis for the tread rubber and protection belt. A top-end clincher doesn't have to super light, but it needs to combine weight, ride quality and rolling resistance in a package that is reliable. Use of a latex tube with this tire improves it's already excellent features, enhancing the riding experience in all areas.

If the casing is the driving influence behind the Turbo Cotton Road Tire, the rubber compound is the special sauce that make it more than a race day or sunny Sunday option. With its flawless, all-around road race tread and GRIPTON® compound, it features extremely low rolling resistance and superior cornering traction. The Black Belt protection effectively limits punctures without compromising feel or ride quality. Put it all together, and you'll be climbing and descending with confidence and speed.

The tread itself offers a true center slick for lower rolling resistance, while the directional tire carries a diamond file-type tread on the shoulders and edge for excellent cornering hold and feel that take full advantage of the TPI casing. The combination of casing, superior rubber, informed design, and serious testing delivers a clincher tire even the now disappearing, everyday tubular riders can embrace.

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  • Low resistance road tire with super supple casing, with pretentious grip and great overall feel
  • Optimal ride quality and performance with a latex road tube
  • Mild diamond file tread on shoulders and edge handles surface water and soft material with ease
  • Wide smooth center tread zone for speed, lower resistance
  • Features reliable control in normal wet or dry conditions, with an informed road feel that induces confidence
  • GRIPTON® rubber compound has extremely low rolling resistance and superior cornering traction
  • Black Belt Protection under tread offers very good puncture protection
  • Ultra-supple 320 TPI polycotton casing requires meticulous craftsmanship to ensure round, consistent shape
  • Sizes / Approx Weight / Pressure range:
    • 700x24 / 220g / 115-125psi
    • 700x26 / 240g / 95-115psi
    • 700x28 / 260g / 85-95psi
  • Color: Black/Transparent Sidewall
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