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Serious road cyclists who prefer clincher tires know the deal- Specialized's Turbo Presta Valve Road Tubes are one of the best tube options out there. The thinner tube design is light, yet incredibly consistent from a quality perspective. Packed in a bag with talc, they install easily, if a little talc-ily, if you know we mean, and the talc helps keep the tube from sticking to the inside of the tire. The talc helps reduce rolling resistance in this way- to the extent of having been proven in rolling-resistance testing to reduce drag by as much as 13% per wheel.

The Turbo Presta Tube is also light, about 40 grams lighter than standard tubes, and has a 4.8cm valve base that prevents valves tearing off- common issue with lightweight tubes. The valve cylinder is threaded, but has a smooth section at the top to spare pump head o-rings and rubber gaskets. The valve core is removable, and a threaded nut and clear plastic valve cap are included. Several size/valve length options are available. One note on talc if you running rim brakes: it is very fine and will make your brake track worthless and dangerous. Wipe with a clean, textured rag, preferably with alcohol at home, and if you are on the road, use some water and wipe as best you can. You don't want it on your pads or a disc brake rotor either.

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  • Lightweight premium grade thin butyl road Presta tube packed in talc powder
  • Talc eases installation, and can reduce tire/tube friction/sticking
  • Proven in rolling-resistance testing to reduce drag by as much as 13% per wheel
  • Thickness: 0.6mm
  • Thinner tube design sheds about 40 grams of weight versus standard tube
  • Threaded valve cylinder w/ smooth zone top for easier pump head insertion/reduced pump head wear
  • Removable Presta valve core (accepts valve extenders)
  • Valve lengths: 48mm, 60mm, 80mm
  • Sizes: 700x20-26, 700x28-42
  • Weights: 73 grams (26|248mm), 74g (26|60mm), 75 grams (26|80mm)
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