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Speedplay Zero Aero Stainless Steel Pedals

Leave it to the innovators at Speedplay to create the most aerodynamic pedal system on the planet. Developed specifically for Time Trials and Triathlons where every second counts, the Zero Aero Pedal System provides more speed with the same power. Every cyclist knows increasing aerodynamics creates a competitive advantage that is simply too significant to ignore. Thankfully for Bradley Wiggins, the Speedplay Zero Aero pedals became available just in time to be used when he set the hour record at 54.526 km with an average speed just under 34 miles per hour.

The Zero Aero pedals are the result of every aspect of its design being painstakingly tailored to increase speed by reducing wind drag to the smallest amount possible. Frontal area is reduced to the absolute minimum. Every surface exposed to the wind is dimpled including the pedal, Zero Walkable cleats and the Aero Base Plate Surround used for three-hole shoe mounting. When clipped in, the Zero Aero Pedals create a smooth, streamlined profile that is nothing more than pure genius.

Just like the other Zero Pedal systems, the Zero Aero allows rotational float to be precisely micro-adjusted to the exact range needed or set in a fixed-position anywhere within the 15-degree adjustment range. This means left and right float can be independently adjusted for the perfect pedal feel. Each of the three critical foot-axis adjustments of Zero Aero Walkable Cleats can be set or changed without affecting the position of the other two adjustments. This feature also eliminates guesswork and misalignment when replacing cleats.

The included Zero Aero Walkable Cleat positions your foot closer to the top of the spindle with a stack height of 11.5mm for three-hole mounting and 8.5mm for 4-hole mounting providing improved power transfer. Cornering clearance is an unbeatable 37 degrees in the stainless version and 39 in the titanium so you can power through corners while other competitors coast. A side benefit of the Walkable cleats is they improve traction and allow for a more natural gait, making off-the-bike time in your cleats much less awkward.

As with all Speedplay products, quality is superb. Zero Aero pedals use precision cartridge and needle bearings - three of them instead of two found in most other pedals. This is one of the keys that allows the Zero Aero pedals to be thinner for a lower stack height and better cornering clearance. For easy bearing lubrication, a fitting to facilitate grease injection is included. The locking edges of Zero Aero pedals and cleats are metal-on-metal for durability and safety, unlike other manufacturer's designs where engagement edges are made of plastic.


  • The most aerodynamic pedals ever created
  • Includes Zero Aero Walkable Cleats with special Aero Base Plate Surrounds
  • Developed specifically for Time Trials and Triathlons
  • Allows rotational float to be precisely micro-adjusted to the exact range needed
  • The included Zero Aero Walkable Cleat fits any shoe with a 3-hole or 4-hole mount
  • 37 degrees of cornering clearance for Stainless and 39 for Titanium
  • Includes fitting to facilitate grease injection
  • 206 grams per pair for Stainless and 164g for Titanium

Zero Aero pedals are not compatible with Speedplay Light Action and X-Series cleats. Zero Aero cleats are not compatible with Light Action and X-Series pedals.

Please Note: Due to manufacturer restrictions, we are unable to ship Speedplay products outside the United States