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The Women's BodyFit Pro Short from Sportful is an ideal everyday cycling short for both outdoor and indoor use. With superior compression and muscle support, along with fast wicking action, the BF Pro is a perfect short around which to build your cycling wardrobe. Built with superior fabrics and using key construction methods, you can be sure it will deliver consistent performance day after day and long-term if cared for properly. The BodyFit line offers the quality and experience of race-level garments for the non-racer enthusiast.

The use of compression fabrics, such this polyester blend with 220g Lycra, is now common, but the alignment of the panels and directionality of the stretch must be coordinated properly for cycling ergonomics, as the compression can be too limiting. You want the muscle support and increased blood circulation, not restriction. At the same time, compression will make the short feel tighter. To balance that effect, laser-cut leg bands with silicone gripper are less compressive, relying on the gripper to hold the leg opening in place and reducing the transitions from leg opening through the gripper and into the Aero Flow Compress fabric. This material quickly eases moisture away from the skin and release it outward, and has a soft feel against the skin. Sportful uses flatlock stitching to join the panels, and the anatomical references keep even these smoother seams off high friction locations. The waistband is wide and flat for more effective hold and pressure distribution, with the panels and stretch managed here as well, so the front panel is the least elastic exactly where you don't want excess pressure.

As great as the short itself is, the prize of this women's cycling short is the famed Sportful Total Comfort Pro Women's chamois pad. Developed with Sportful's women’s Professional cycling teams, the design adapts the technical characteristics of this pad to the female anatomy in a semi-aggressive to aggressive riding posture in a supportive, but less bulky design. It uses continuously variable closed-cell urethane foam padding for excellent support. Every detail has been designed to increase comfort, eliminate chafing and keep the seat pad dry. The anatomic shape and seamless construction work together to eliminate chafing and rubbing, providing comfort throughout the ride. It is also breathable and the soft topsheet is actively bacteriostatic to keep your skin as healthy as possible. The shape and positioning inside the short favors real road cycling, not casual-more upright use. Again, it is also an excellent option for the shorter, more concentrated hard efforts of indoor training as well, making the Sportful Bodyfit Pro Women's Short a great year round investment in comfort and performance.

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  • High quality women's cycling short optimized for the balance of performance and comfort
  • Ideal for long hard outdoor rides all summer long, and equally great for indoor cycling/training year round
  • Features AeroFlow Compress 220g Lycra/polyester fabric with perfect compression and stretch
  • Panels of short are aligned and shaped for anatomic support and cycling ergonomics
  • Waist features wide, flat directional panels with proper stretch, support, and relief where needed
  • Leg end transition to wide flat laser-cut leg bands with silicone gripper for hold without much compression
  • Flatlock stitching connects panels, with the anatomic references to reduce friction/chafing
  • Total Comfort Pro Women's seatpad features continuously variable closed-cell urethane foam for excellent support
  • Every detail has been designed to increase comfort, eliminate chafing and keep the seat pad dry
  • Note: Sportful's European cut tends to be almost a full size small, most US users size up
  • Sizes: XS, Small, Medium, Large
  • Colors: Black, Blue
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