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Clothing Socks - Mens

Sportful Supergiara Socks

A gravel sock? Sure why not! With a little extra cushion, more height for blood flow and tendon support, mesh zones for heat and moisture transfer though still effective in cooler temps, and clean transitions and finishes to prevent chafing, the Sport Supergiara Socks were well thought out for gravel and adventure use, and can be used for any cycling action.

The heart of the sock is an innovative nylon yarn containing silver micro-particles that reduce unpleasant odors. Meryl® Skinlife® yarn is soft and lightweight. It is hypoallergenic, and works to maintain the natural balance of the skin. The yarn guarantees maximum comfort and performances, which is why it has become one of the most demanded yarns in premium grade sport-specific socks. The yarn also allows for incredible knits and structure, including various directional stretch panels, mesh zones, and added loft from specific knits for comfort.

Sportful hits all the key details and mild compression for assisting capillary action with blood flow throughout the 18cm tall cuff. The fabric stretch changes from a more vertical form to a wider flatter stretch upper cuff that offers excellent hold. All of the mesh zones- over the foot and the mid section of the cuff allow for excellent airflow. The toe zone has a smooth seam and transition, and the base of the sock including up around the heel offers some extra cushioning. It is the details and execution that make great products, just as these same details deliver tangible, if incremental benefits to cyclists over long hours on the bike.


  • Extra tall, durable, highly breathable cycling socks with a little extra cushion on bottom
  • Not a superlight sock, but one made for comfort, support, and with a cooler to warm weather range
  • Meryl® Skinlife® bacteriostatic yarns
  • Reinforced low-stretch heel, smooth toe zone, mesh on top of foot and mid to upper cuff
  • Wider top stretch cuff band distributes pressure over a larger zone, offers great hold
  • Partly made in light mesh for faster wicking, airflow and heat release
  • Temp. Range: 50-80°F
  • Cuff height: 18cm
  • Sizes: Small (36-39), Medium/Large (40-43), XL (44-46)
  • Colors: Black, Blue Atomic/Black
  • Weight: 36 grams
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