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Sportful Total Comfort Bib Short

Sportful continues to develop a perennial favorite to great effect. In this case the designers have added more breathability overall and improved support to the already impressive Total Comfort Bibshort. Improvements are always appreciated. especially when truly effective and welcome update with one of our top selling bibs. The material, construction, and design focus stays true to the Total Comfort ethos. These are the bibs for high mileage and long hours, as the Total Comfort seatpad has variable thickness padding up to 18mm. It isn't soft and squishy, nor does it bunch up, but is supportive and exceptional at providing a barrier to protect you from road vibration, impact and the simple reality of body weight pressing on two fairly small bony structures. Precisely engineered to offer exceptional comfort and designed for those epic all day rides where support and correct fit are essential, updated Total Comfort Bibshort is sure to earn an even larger following.

Understated styling in all black can complete virtually any outfit, but the construction, materials, and features are what ensures the best cycling experience. Sportful utilizes supportive, stretch woven lightweight fabrics to deliver the best fit and compression, with anatomic paneling that favors the cycling position and dynamic pedaling action. The side panels feature a less structured fabric weave that greatly accelerate moisture and heat transfer. The panels are joined with superbly clean 4-needle flatlock stitching that reduces friction and chafing, and allows for more freedom of movement of the joined panels for a seamless feeling. Raw-cut leg endings with thermowelded silicone inside provide mild compression and great hold, while a new cut with minimal seams on the side of thigh to prevent chafing.

The concept holds true through the bib upper, which now features sleek, soft, lay-flat laser cut bib straps, with more breathability thanks to perforations. The X-pattern bib of the previous version, has been replaced by a mid-back mesh panel that carries the full length of the mid-section panel adding more support, and a substantial that lifts and releases moisture from the skin faster than just and open section, and it leads to the bib straps at he upper back in a natural alignment with the body. This design makes for great support and excellent fit, while reducing coverage that can cause heat and moisture build-up. Fear not, lower external obliques and upper glute to back transitions are still supported, protecting these fine muscle zones from fatigue from vibration. The laser cut edges allow the upper to glide over the skin where you want it to. Under the round of the shoulder straps there are light silicone prints that help keep the straps in place, and prevent them from folding on themselves.

When it comes to Total Comfort over long hours and distance on the bike, none of what has been shared above matters without the proper seatpad. The Sportful Total Comfort seatpad is precurved and shaped to fit most body types and sitbone locations. The extremely soft top sheet and a light layer of padding are carried outwards, to reduce any chance of friction zones and protect soft skin on the transition from the groin to the legs. The padding itself is created in a variable density design that offers a maximum of up to 18mm of padding where you need it most, then follows the body shape with varying levels as it moves away from the key zones. The padding is a continuously variable, perforated, closed cell urethane foam that is lightweight, supportive, and effective while fighting any moisture collection. The perforations allow heat to escape to reduce potential build up and friction that causes chafing. The top sheet is bacteriostatic to to keep your skin fresh. While the padding level may not be what every cyclist requires, remember that this isn't the "race bibshort", it is the Total Comfort Bibshort, and most of us ride for personal reasons and enjoy long, hard rides when we can get the time in. We don't ride for pro teams, although it should be pointed out that many pro cyclists on teams that are sponsored by Sportful choose the updated Total Comfort for the often brutal roads and long hard days of the Classics and Monuments, as well as the hours and hours of training it takes be ready for race day.


  • Updated Sportful mileage/distance bib design; with great padding, fit, enhanced breathability & moisture transfer
  • Fit is Euro cyclist, with mild to moderate compression
  • Technical construction with light supportive stretch woven fabrics
  • 4-needle flatlock stitching for comfort and fit
  • Lightly structured fabric on sides for accelerated moisture transfer
  • Sleek lay-flat laser cut bib strap construction, with perforations for enhanced breathability
  • Light silicone printing on bib shoulders for increased support
  • Bib upper rear now features a mesh panel from above waist to mod upper back, where straps begin
  • Raw-cut leg endings with thermowelded silicone inside and a new cut with minimal seams on side of thigh to prevent chafing
  • Total Comfort seat pad with up to 18mm of padding
  • Continuously variable, perforated closed cell urethane foam padding
  • Designed to eliminate chafing, keep you dry
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 162 grams (Medium)
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