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The Total Comfort line from Sportful has been a strong seller for Excel Sports, and Sportful continues to evolve and improve these great bibs and shorts. At the heart of the line is the Total Comfort seat pad, around which everything else, including this Total Comfort Women's Short, is built. For women who prioritize comfort in the saddle and prefer a generous seat pad, without sacrificing real performance, this is a great everyday option. It has been developed to sustain and support for very long distances or multiday racing, but is actually great for shorter rides, including indoor training and Zwift racing.

Comfort, in this case, doesn't just mean cushioned. Because Sportful created a short that's comfortable but not bulky, the TC Women's stands out versus other comfort designs. Limited seaming, woven and cut for proper ergonomic pedaling action, the highly supportive and breathable fabric has consistent stretch and return that holds up season after season with proper care. The leg openings are raw-cut with thermo-welded silicone inside that provides perfect adherence to the skin without muscle compression at leg endings for a clean and natural look.

It is rare that a cycling garment refers to lumbar support, though there are numerous products available with some support that comes with compression, but the waistband and rear panel system of the TC Women's was developed specifically for overall comfort around the waist, with excellent hold from lower overall, even pressure, as well as lower back support. The waist panel sits higher, and keeps mild pressure on the muscles of the lower back, while a sub panel just below is perforated to allow excess heat and moisture to escape. This is a problematic zone, as the rear pocket structure of most jersey's covers it, and perspiration often runs down the back, and gets down to the seatpad. Staying cooler and drier, while getting some support makes difference on long pavement or mixed surface rides.

The TC Women's is named after the seatpad used, and how the overall short is designed to complement it's capabilities. This is a seat pad that's generous but still designed for performance. It features up to 18mm in a variable density foam that is shaped for the general anatomic needs of women, with more support and lift from the increased thickness zones, such as under the sitbones, and reduced where less is needed. Made of continuously variable closed-cell urethane foam padding, every detail has been designed to increase overall comfort, eliminate chafing and keep the seat pad dry. It sounds simple, but there is a lot of R&D behind it and as mentioned above, the Total Comfort line has been a strong seller for years and many of our customers that favor it have stayed with the evolving designs and own multiple pairs. Claims and marketing aside, that is the best endorsement we know of.

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  • Pure comfort in a performance short that offers cushion, great support, and excellent ergonomics
  • Limited seaming, excellent stretch, moderate compression in an anatomically informed design
  • Rear panel waist panel has high, supportive cut, and just below, a perforated panel that reduces heat and moisture from the skin
  • Raw-cut leg endings with thermo-welded silicone inside
  • Perfect adherence to skin without muscle compression at leg endings
  • Total Comfort W seat pad for maximum comfort on long rides, with up to 18mm variable density foam
  • Continuously variable closed-cell urethane foam detailed to eliminate chafing, keep the pad dry
  • Sizes: XS, Small, Medium, Large
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 135 grams (Small)
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