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Road Cranksets

The SRAM Apex 1 Wide 12-Speed Crankset is a versatile and reliable component designed for riders seeking a wide range of gears and exceptional performance on the road or off-road. Built with SRAM's renowned technology and engineering, this crankset offers smooth and precise shifting, durability, and efficiency to enhance your cycling experience.

The Apex 1 Wide crankset is designed for use with SRAM's 1x12 drivetrain system, offering a simplified setup with a single chainring and a 12-speed cassette. This configuration provides a wide range of gear options, allowing riders to tackle steep climbs and power through fast descents with ease. The 12-speed cassette offers closely spaced gears for smoother transitions between ratios, ensuring optimal cadence and efficiency.

Constructed with sturdy and lightweight materials, the Apex 1 Wide crankset delivers excellent power transfer and durability. The forged aluminum crank arms provide strength while reducing weight, resulting in a responsive and efficient pedaling experience. The X-Sync chainring technology ensures reliable chain retention and excellent mud-shedding capabilities, allowing for confident and consistent shifting in various conditions.

The Apex 1 Wide crankset features SRAM's DUB (Durable Unified Bottom Bracket) technology, which provides a simplified and durable bottom bracket system. The DUB system ensures compatibility with a wide range of frame standards and improves overall stiffness and durability. With easy installation and maintenance, the DUB technology allows riders to focus on the ride without worrying about compatibility issues.

SRAM's X-Sync tooth profile ensures secure engagement between the chain and the chainring, reducing the risk of chain drops and enhancing overall drivetrain performance. The wide-narrow tooth design maximizes chain retention and minimizes friction, providing efficient power transfer and a quiet ride.

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  • Versatile and reliable crankset designed for 1x12 drivetrain systems
  • Provides a wide range of gear options for tackling various terrains
  • Constructed with sturdy and lightweight materials for optimal power transfer
  • X-Sync chainring technology ensures reliable chain retention and mud-shedding capabilities
  • SRAM's DUB technology offers compatibility with different frame standards
  • Easy installation and maintenance for hassle-free use
  • X-Sync tooth profile enhances drivetrain performance and reduces chain drops
  • Offers precise shifting and efficient power transfer for a smooth and quiet ride
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