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Equipment > Components > Brake Levers > Shifter/Brake Lever with Caliper Gravel


The SRAM Apex AXS HRD Shifter with Caliper is an advanced electronic shifting system that offers precise and reliable performance for road and gravel cycling. Designed with SRAM's cutting-edge AXS technology, this shifter provides intuitive shifting, wireless integration, and hydraulic disc braking capabilities to enhance your riding experience. Equipped with AXS technology, the Apex AXS HRD Shifter with Caliper allows for seamless wireless communication with other AXS components, eliminating the need for traditional cables. This provides a clean and streamlined setup, reducing clutter and simplifying installation and maintenance. The wireless system ensures fast and accurate shifting with the press of a button.

The hydraulic disc braking system integrated into the shifter delivers powerful and consistent braking performance. The hydraulic caliper provides excellent modulation and control, allowing riders to confidently navigate descents and technical sections. With the HRD (Hydraulic Road Disc) technology, the shifter ensures reliable and responsive braking in all weather conditions.

The Apex AXS HRD Shifter with Caliper features reach adjust and contact point adjust, allowing riders to customize the brake lever position and feel according to their preferences. This ensures maximum comfort and control, enhancing the overall riding experience. The shifter's ergonomic design and textured paddles provide a comfortable and secure grip, allowing for quick and intuitive shifting. The large shifting buttons offer easy access and precise control, even when wearing gloves or in challenging riding conditions.

With the AXS app, riders can personalize and customize their shifting preferences. The app allows for fine-tuning of shifting speed, multi-shift settings, and other parameters, providing a tailored experience that matches individual riding styles and terrain preferences.

The Apex AXS HRD Shifter with Caliper also features SRAM's Bleeding Edge technology, which simplifies the bleeding process for hydraulic brakes. This ensures easy maintenance and optimal performance of the braking system, saving time and effort.

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  • Advanced electronic shifting system with wireless AXS integration
  • Hydraulic disc braking system for powerful and consistent braking performance
  • Reach adjust and contact point adjust for customizable brake lever positioning
  • Ergonomic design and textured paddles for comfortable and secure grip
  • Large shifting buttons for easy access and precise control
  • AXS app compatibility for personalized customization of shifting preferences
  • Bleeding Edge technology for simplified maintenance of hydraulic brakes
  • Enhances overall riding experience with precise shifting and reliable braking
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