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The SRAM Apex Flattop 12-Speed Chain is a high-quality cycling component designed to provide reliable and efficient performance for road and gravel riders. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, this chain offers smooth and precise shifting, increased strength, and optimized power transfer for a superior riding experience.

The Apex Flattop 12-Speed Chain is compatible with SRAM's 12-speed drivetrain systems, offering a wide gear range for versatile riding. It features SRAM's Flattop technology, which employs a unique flattened profile for the inner and outer links of the chain. This design optimizes both strength and aerodynamics, reducing friction and enhancing overall efficiency.

Constructed with hardened chrome construction, the Apex Flattop Chain delivers exceptional durability and wear resistance. The chain is designed to withstand the rigors of demanding riding conditions, ensuring consistent performance over time. The durable construction also reduces the risk of chain stretch, prolonging the lifespan of the chain and maintaining optimal shifting precision.

The PowerLock connecting link makes installation and removal of the chain quick and easy. This tool-free link provides a secure and reliable connection, ensuring consistent power transfer and preventing chain failure. The PowerLock link also allows for convenient chain maintenance and cleaning.

The Apex Flattop Chain features SRAM's HollowPin construction, which contributes to its lightweight design without sacrificing strength. This design reduces unnecessary weight while maintaining the necessary strength and durability for reliable performance. The hollow pins also facilitate smoother shifting, enhancing overall drivetrain efficiency.

SRAM's X-Sync technology ensures excellent chain retention by using alternating wide and narrow teeth on the chainring. This design prevents the chain from dropping, even in rough terrain or during aggressive riding. The reliable chain retention minimizes the risk of chain derailment and provides riders with confidence and peace of mind on the road or trail.

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  • Precise and efficient shifting for road and gravel riding
  • Flattop technology reduces friction and enhances aerodynamics
  • Hardened chrome construction for exceptional durability and wear resistance
  • PowerLock connecting link for easy installation and maintenance
  • HollowPin construction reduces weight without compromising strength
  • X-Sync technology ensures excellent chain retention
  • Compatible with SRAM's 12-speed drivetrain systems
  • Provides reliable performance in demanding riding conditions
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