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If you own SRAM's Guide or Level series hydraulic disc brakes, your brakes are equipped with the Bleeding Edge port and fluid system. This design is a huge improvement over the bleeding systems of the Avid series brakes. To Bleed or change DOT 5.1 or 4.0 fluid in the Guide and Level brakes, you will need this tool- essentially an adapter hose system to safely and properly service your brakes.

The new bleed porting and fluid path make it easier to push fluid through the caliper for quick and easy bleeding, and this dedicated bleed adapter for the S4 caliper bleed port pops directly into the caliper after the bleed plug has been removed the and seals the system to minimize air contamination and fluid loss. You will hear a satisfying click to confirm correct fit and seal. The red dial then allows you to opne and close the internal fitting.

Please keep in mind this tool becomes a way to adapt a bleed syringe directly into the caliper. You will also need: a SRAM Brake Bleed Kit with SRAM DOT 5.1 fluid, a bleed block for your brake model and the Lever Bleed Attachment tool to complete the service. See SRAM.com/Service for more information and a step-by-step tech video, or take your bike to your favorite wrench at the local shop. Return to Top


  • Adapter for connecting bleed syringe directly into Guide and Level brake calipers
  • Required to bleed and change fluid in these hydraulic brake systems
  • Use in conjunction with SRAM Bleed Kit and DOT 5.1 fluid, SRAM Lever Bleed tool
  • Bleed block required for your specific caliper should come with your brake
  • See SRAM.com/Service for more details and service video/instructions
  • Inexperienced users should defer to their local mechanic for expert service
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