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Road Brake Rotors

SRAM CenterLine X Disc Brake Rotor

SRAM's CenterLine 2-piece disc brake rotors are now available in the Center Lock spline-type mounting standard with rounded edges, which is good news for road disc brake users who want more options. In an effort to improve safety and mollify the pro road peloton, the UCI has mandated that road disc brake rotors have rounded edges along the outer circumference. That adaptation and the alloy spider iare the only real differences between the rounded and standard CenterLine disc brake rotors from SRAM, whose CenterLine rotors represented a significant improvement in terms of increased performance and greatly reduced braking noise.

Engineers at SRAM figured out a way to keep the center of friction consistent though the entire rotation which minimizes vibration. What the means to you is Centerline rotors stop more quickly with less effort. The other main benefit is that cyclists around you will appreciate is super quiet braking.

The Center Lock mounting system has gained favor across all disciplines, but especially for road use. The actual braking surface is stainless steel construction. The rounded edge rotor is machined from a single piece of material with precise balance and design. The rotor is then mounted to a lighter weight aluminum spider with the Center Lock interface, which also reduced heat transfer to the hub itself. Ultimately, the CenterLine Center Lock Disc Rounded Brake Rotor carries heat away quickly to sustain braking power without fade or overheating. Designed for best use with road, cyclocross, and XC.


  • Rounded Edge brake rotor is safe, self-cooling, quieter disc brake rotor optimized for road/XC use
  • Rounded edges over circumference to meet UCI road disc standards
  • Vibration minimizing design for quiet performance
  • Stainless steel outer rotor construction with precision machining
  • Bolted to machined aluminum spider with Center Lock spline mounting system
  • Center Lock mounting system does NOT include lockring
  • Select 140, 160 or 180mm
  • Weight: 102 grams (160mm)