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With the release of the AXS 12-speed road drivetrain, SRAM redeveloped the CenterLine 2-piece disc rotor into the CenterLine XR Disc Brake Rotor, a road specific, lightweight rotor that makes use of a larger aluminum spider to reduce weight, but is also shaped to generate airflow to the rotor itself to aid in cooling. SRAM is offering the CenterLine XR in both CenterLock and 6-bolt mounting configurations, with 140mm and 160mm rotor sizes.

Rotor technology for road disc brakes has been governed by several requirements. First is heat reduction so brakes don't fade or overreact when hot. The second is weight, as at the pro level absolute minimal weight is still strongly desired and every component adds up. Third is is safety, as whether real or not, fear among pro riders about mass crashes and sharp, hot rotors inflicting major damage definitely slowed early adoption. The UCI regulates the rotor edge profiles to be rounded, so they will be less sharp, so the CenterLine XR features rounded edges. For SRAM, the business end, the actual stainless steel rotor that makes up the braking surface is paramount, and their CenterLine cut-out design not only reduces weight, but creates a quieter, cooler and in SRAM's eyes, more consistent braking platform.

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  • Road specific CenterLine style 2-piece disc rotor released with SRAM AXS
  • Larger aluminum spider reduces weight, shaped for better cooling, heat release
  • Stainless steel rotor is vented, features CenterLine design for quieter operation
  • Streamlined form optimized for road use only
  • 6-bolt version comes with 6 stainless steel T25 Torx bolts
  • Mount types: Center Lock, 6-bolt
  • Sizes: 140mm, 160mm
  • Weight: 140mm 109 grams, 160mm 133 grams
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