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Road Cranksets

SRAM Force 1 AXS DUB Crankset

This 36T Force AXS DUB Crankset was an OE take-off from a new bicycle. It will show signs of having been installed, but not use. This is a crankset only, no bottom bracket.

SRAM's Force 1x 11-speed drivetrain was a serious success in cyclocross, gravel, and for general purpose road riding. SRAM's design team has one-upped themselves with 12-speed Force AXS, which adds eTap wireless shifting, new cassette options and the DUB bottom bracket standard for the Force AXS DUB 1x Crankset. This unified system with a 28.99mm spindle ensures that their is more overall compatibility with ring and Quarq power meters. The Direct Mount system spider allows for stiffer, stronger chainrings with a short BCD, a significant benefit for 1x drivetrains.

The Force AXS DUB 1x Crankset features stout yet reasonably light carbon arms that transfer power from the pedal axle direct to the bottom bracket axle and chainring. SRAM envisions Force AXS 1x drivetrains as optimal for gravel, cross, and triathlon, offering the stock set up in several chainring options. Gravel and cross riders will opt for a smaller size, pure road and triathlon users will go bigger. Remember the AXS cassettes start with a 10T small cog and the combinations line up with SRAM's X-Range gearing principles. Solo Chainrings are available from 36T-48T in even numbers, with a 48T Aero version as well. The 107 BCD Direct Mount system requires a single tool to change rings from the 4-arm spider, and the Force 1 crankset is actually compatible with 2x chainrings as well. For those training with power, the excellent Quarq D-Zero Direct Mount spider option can be added at any time.

The machined aluminum chainrings are stiff, and apply SRAM's X-Sync principles to the teeth. Tall square teeth edges engage the chain earlier than traditional triangle shaped teeth. The sharp and narrow tooth profile, as well as rounded chamferec edges, help manage a deflected chain. To provide the best possible performance in muddy conditions, the X-Synce chain rings have been designed with mud-clearing recesses for the inner chain links and rollers. With AXS 12-speed SRAM has designed a new Flattop chain that is specific to the road system and increases retention and chain strength over 11-speed despite the narrower profile.


  • OE 1x complete Force AXS DUB crankset for 1x12 speed road drivetrains
  • Show signs of having been installed, but not ridden
  • 107 BCD Direct Mount spider/chainring design is simple, easy, solid
  • UD carbon arms deliver power and durability
  • DUB 28.99mm spindle is stiff, light, and universal across SRAM's 12-speed
  • Machined, profiled chainrings are stiff, light, and durable
  • X-Sync triangular narrow-wide teeth increase retention, shed mud
  • SRAM offers Force 1x chainrings in: 36T, 38T, 40T, 42T, 44T, 46T, 48T
  • Direct Mount system compatible with Quarq D-Zero powermeter system
  • Length: 175mm
  • 1X Crankset w/ring: 36T
  • Finish: OE Carbon/Black Force 1 scheme
  • Weight: 646 grams (170mm/44T )