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The Force1 crankset is part of a common sense, game-changing upgrade in performance and reliability blending the best of Force22 and SRAM's lauded 1x mountain groups. It features a unidirectional carbon crank arm matched to a forged alloy spider for the best combination of lightweight and durability. The Force 1 system is incredible for cross and gravel bikes but is also successfully used on time trial/tri bikes and in criterium racing.

SRAM's Force1 is the only true dedicated single chainring drivetrain system. It is the common sense result of SRAM's mega successful XX1 mountain bike group. Everything good about XX1 is transferred to Force1. The single ring, 11-speed drivetrain is lighter thanks largely to no left shifter and shift cable, front derailleur and only one chainring. Force1 is simpler and tougher. It has a clean look an optimal gear selection. Shifting is very fast and smoother but perhaps best of all, the possibility of chain drop has been virtually eliminated.

The chainrings on most double and triple cranks have to be designed for chain movement which can lead to the dreaded dropped chain (which always seems to happen at the worst time). Since Force 1 is a single front chainring system, the chainring can be designed around chain retention. This design is called SRAM X-SYNC and manifests itself in a beefy, wide-tooth, narrow-tooth chainring with taller, squared-off teeth to provide maximum chain control ands retention.

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  • Single-ring drivetrain simplifies functionality
  • Forged alloy spider
  • 679 grams
  • X-Sync tooth profile eliminates dropped chains
  • Unidirectional carbon in crank arm
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