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Gravel Cranksets

When SRAM first released 12-speed Force eTap AXS the groupset was only available in the 2x chainring option for road use. The fast ascendance of gravel spurred the company to add the XPLR options in rear derailleurs and cassettes for much wider range without the need to go a mountain bike rear set-up of a "mullet" combination. The Force 1 Wide 12-Speed Crankset was developed to complement the XPLR gearing range, but works with road or mullet options as well. The longer DUB spindle and Direct Mount chainring system allow the Force 1 Wide to deliver a better chainline and framesets with much wider tire clearance then the standard crankset allowed for.

Use of the Direct Mount system and the single-piece, super stiff chainrings means the power transfer and chain stability are excellent, especially with the X-Sync tooth profile system. Chain retention and safety are excellent at any chainline and any ring-cog combination. Of course, the DUB 28.99mm bottom bracket spindle standard developed by SRAM not delivers the axle and crank arm stiffness you require, but also simplifies your life if you change framesets. Tie it all together with the Direct Mount system and the stout chainring and your efficiency is matched only by the unbelievable chain retention.

This is achieved with a singular SRAM chainring technology, which applies the X-Sync tooth profiling and shaping to the proven alternating narrow-wide tooth set-up. Regardless of the chainline or gearing combination, under any load, you get exceptional chain hold and safety. Mud and grime shedding is also factored in, with voids in the chain roller interfaces that allow such materials to escape- not push the chain up and off the teeth. SRAM's road chains easily accommodate this design. There is only one consideration required when a "mullet" set-up is used. Unlike when using a full road or gravel XPLR 1x12 drivetrain, during which you will get better performance with a SRAM 12s Flattop chain, the much wider range of an Eagle 12 mountain bike cassette used with a mullet requires you to use an Eagle 12s mountain chain.

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  • Force-level 1x carbon crankset optimized for XPLR and other 1x12 set-ups; featuring a Direct Mount chainring
  • Delivers incredible power transfer due to combined ring and crank arm stiffness
  • Narrow-wide tooth design and tall, tapered X-Sync tooth chainring profile shaping provide exceptional chain retention
  • SRAM's Direct Mount system fits over DUB spindle gap with SRAM 8-bolt DM interface
  • Direct Mount chainrings are sold individually in 38T through 46T
  • 28.99mm DUB bottom bracket spindle standard adds durability and universal simplicity
  • Wide chainline crankset to fit the biggest gravel tires
  • Longer DUB crank spindle accommodates both Road and MTB width frame BB standards for unmatched cross-compatibility across brands
  • Can be upgraded to a SRAM power meter
  • Machined, anodized high quality aluminum SRAM Direct Mount chainring
  • Compatible with SRAM Flattop 12s road chains for Road and XPLR, but an Eagle 12s chain is required for a "mullet" drivetrain
  • Chainline: 47.5mm
  • DM Chainring: 40T
  • Crank length options: 165, 170, 172.5, 175 mm
  • Finish: Carbon/Gray
  • Weight: 604g (172.5 mm, 40T DM ring)
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