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This SRAM 11-speed outer chainring was developed for 2x cyclocross type chainring combinations. Compatible with both "Hidden Bolt" & "Non-Hidden Bolt" cranksets, this 46T ring has ramping and shift gates for use with a 36T inner ring. The CNC machined aluminum ring features X-Glide'R tooth profiling for great shift performance and chain retention, even in the mud and sand of your average cross season.

The bolt circle diameter is 110mm, for five-arm symmetric designs. The ring itself is anodized black for long wear and durability and was optimized for use with SRAM's 11-speed road chains and only used in 2x situations. This is not intended, nor should it be used for, 1x drivetrains.

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  • Outer chainring for SRAM 2x11 cyclocross drivetrains
  • CNC machined aluminum ring features X-Glide'R tooth profiling
  • Compatible with Hidden and Non-Hidden bolt types
  • BCD: 110mm for five arm symmetric
  • Optimally paired with SRAM 11 inner chainring- 36T
  • Anodized black finish
  • Option: 46T / 110BCD
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