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Equipment > Components > Brake Levers > Shifter/Brake Lever with Caliper Gravel


SRAM took a path less traveled in the component world with the release of Rival AXS. A third tier range is not usually the vehicle for releasing a new, refined design, but with Rival AXS, a new slimmer hood and body design with improved ergonomics and lever shape was introduced. The hand position on the lever top was more intuitive and easier on the wrist. The new design also cleared space under the hood between the curve of the bar and the shift/brake lever. in the original AXS lever design in Red and Force had little space and braking from the top of the hood with a finger wrapped inside the gap was uncomfortable and the lever could pinch the finger of some people. With the release of Force AXS D2, the second generation, the body, hood and lever design of Rival AXS was carried into the middle tier component range. With an even sleeker carbon lever blade a new textured hood cover as well as a textured, new shift lever paddle, the Force AXS D2 HRD Shift/Brake lever has a great feel, with tactile control and response that every SRAM rider will appreciate.

To make the lever body smaller, a new hydraulic reservoir was developed and the little used, but perhaps under-appreciated, disc pad adjustment feature was removed. Both decisions combined to create the more slender body. The lever reach adjustment is still here, and controlled with a 2.5mm inner hex bolt. The lever ergonomics and feel have improved brake lever action and disc brake control as well. The HRD hydraulic road system features the same 2-piece flat mount disc caliper design and hose system. This Shifter with Caliper set is sold as a front or rear assembly, with the hydraulic hose affixed to the caliper. The better positioned bleed port on the caliper makes for easier, faster service and brake bleeds via SRAM's Bleeding Edge technology set-up. The combination of braking power and modulation control with this system has been well regarded and the new lever design does enhance the overall feel for most riders.

The hood body is a composite material that strong and lightweight, while the carbon lever features Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic composite injection mold construction, which makes it stronger and stiffer while staying light. The disc calipers come equipped with SRAM's famous organic pads, with a steel backing plate. The compound is quiet, reliable and durable, and the plate stiffness delivers excellent contact to the rotor. SRAM's AXS communication system by BLE, allows you to customize the eTap lever logic to your preference. Each lever sends shift signals to the AXS derailleurs and is powered by a CR2032 battery. The SRAM AXS app is the conduit for accessing the BLE system via a smartphone, from which you can make derailleur adjustments, and also monitor the derailleur-based removeable and rechargeable AXS batteries. The Force AXS D2 Shifters are also compatible with SRAM's Blip satellite shift buttons, should you prefer alternative shift button locations on the handlebar.

The Force AXS HRD Shifter with Caliper D2 are sold as left/front or right/rear assemblies. The flat mount calipers can be set-up for 140mm or 160mm disc brake rotors and best used with SRAM's Centerline X, XR, or Paceline disc rotors.

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  • 2nd generation Force AXS 12-speed shifter with HRD hydraulic system, hose and flat mount caliper
  • Sold as one assembly, left/front or right/rear; hose attached to caliper, not to shifter
  • Lever body has been made slimmer with new shape overall, and lever position/blade shape, paddle
  • Brake lever made with injection molded Carbon LFRT
  • Hood and shift paddle have improved texture for grip and control even with wet or sweaty hands/gloves
  • New shape and design fits more hand sizes and position preferences
  • Improved finger clearance; body no longer features pad contact adjustment system
  • Lever each adjustment via a 2.5mm hex bolt on body
  • Allows for better overall lever feel and response when braking; with less effort
  • Same flat mount caliper design as D1 series with new finish, for 140/160mm rotor set-ups
  • Shifter compatible with Blips satellite shift buttons
  • AXS BLE access with AXS smartphone app allows for derailleur adjustment, updates, shift logic customization, battery level monitoring
  • Lever is powered for sending signals by replaceable CR2032 coin cell type battery
  • Calipers come with SRAM's organic compound disc brake pads
  • Sold as Left or Right assemblies
  • Finish: Unicorn Grey w/Laser Foil (Lever), Iridescent (Caliper)
  • Approximate weight: Left lever with caliper, hose- 365 grams / Rear lever with caliper, hose- 390 grams
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