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The powerful and consistent G2 RSC Disc Brake from SRAM was built off the base design of the Code DH and Freeride brake system, but was developed to be lighter and more cost effective, with advanced technology that delivers great performance in this 4-piston set-up. It puts Code-like power and modulation into a mini-Code package. And of course it includes the signature Guide lever-feel and contact-point adjustability to ensure that this brake works great for every rider. The G2 RSC presents a true rider-controlled offering with an alloy blade, lever pivot bushings, stainless steel hardware.

Engineered for easier installation and service, but for riders the true reasons for riders to choose the G2 RSC include the modulation delivered by the SwingLink brake lever. When applying pressure to the lever, the pads contact the rotor with a leverage rate that is flat and smooth. It eliminates the on-off brake feel of lesser systems, and delivers a perfect balance of power and precision. In the SRAM system this is largely controlled by the Timing Port Closure, the connection between the fluid reservoir and lever cylinder bore. When the lever is squeezed, a cup seal passes this area and closes the port- this pressurizes the system. The Timing Port Closure system closes features durable seals and an ultra-smooth bore cylinder finish that produces depending braking power and consistency.

Adjustability is a primary point of concern for SRAM, and Contact Point Adjustment dial allows you to customize the lever set-up for proper finger reach and placement preference. It is tool-free, quick and easy away to customize the feel and set-up at the lever, without having to move the pads. It also allows you to balance both levers to the same position, or differentiate if that is your preference. That process won't impact the actual travel arc or X-Factor, the path the lever travels during inward travel, delivering greater braking power through the arc with natural finger motion with less effort.

Most of the above features have carried over from the Code and other SRAM braking developments, but with the G2 RSC the S4 Lightweight 4-Piston caliper is new with this design. The added stiffness in the caliper build itself and a new pad compound that offers more bite really delivers the Mini-Code feel, but the four machined and moly-coated pistons deliver consistent roll back and easier set-up. The Heat Shield insulation protects against fluid heat build-up, consistent ensuring power without fade. The easier set-up is the result of the Bleeding Edge adapter port technology that simplifies and makes the fluid set-up and bleeding process much more efficient and effective.

SRAM supplies their steel-backed organic disc brake pads, proper hose lengths for the lever/caliper system selected (front or rear), pre-bled, so you or your mechanic may need to modify the housing lengths. The MMX clamp set-up is included for the ultimate brake, shifter and accessory control center. SRAM is referring to the mount system as DIR Direct Mount, otherwise known as the post mount. Front and rear assemblies are sold separately.

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  • Trail-designed hydraulic disc brake with DH power, XC modulation; easy to service
  • Lever and caliper sold as front or rear in pre-bled complete systems (rotor not included)
  • Post mount, forged aluminum Monoblock 4-piston caliper, with SS hardware
  • Steel-backed, organic pads supplied, with easy-to-access top loading system
  • Tech: Bleeding Edge™, SwingLink, Contact Point Adjustment Timing Port Closure™
  • Alloy lever is fairly straight, with hook end, pivots on bearings, SS hardware
  • S4 Lightweight 4-Piston caliper with four machined Phenolic and moly-coated pistons
  • Fluid: DOT 5.1 only; resists very high temperatures, virtually zero fade in extreme heat
  • Hydraulic Hose Length: 950mm (Front), 1800mm (Rear)
  • Rotor size: base set up for 160mm, can be adapted to larger rotor sizes
  • Bleeding Edge simplifies fluid maintenance, requires specific bleed tool, not included
  • Includes MatchMaker X Clamp, small fittings required if you need to cut hose, pad wedge
  • Sold as: Front or Rear pre-bled assembly
  • Finish: Diffusion Black
  • Weight: 246-250 grams (lever, caliper, hose)
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