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The 4-piston G2 Ultimate Disc Braking system from SRAM brings the extra power of the more DH-oriented Code series brakes to the trail in a lighter, more versatile package. As you likely guessed, the G2 Ultimate is the lightest of the G2 models, with the most adaptability. Their engineers sculpted the finest materials: Titanium and carbon fiber, to make this SRAM lightest four-piston brake ever. Power, modulation and lever feel set a new standard. Personalization of the braking requirements is quick and intuitive- right on the lever body. The carbon brake levers are designed in both profile and contour to perfectly fit the human finger, while also saving precious grams. Sealed bearings at the lever pivot offer crisp, clean lever actuation while reducing finger fatigue over the duration of the ride.

Built with titanium hardware and carbon levers, this is SRAM’s lightest and most precise four-piston brake. The ultra-stiff G2 Ultimate calipers advance the pads to contact evenly over the life of the brake, ensuring longevity with control. SRAM is also offering a new pad compounds that offers more bite, allowing you to pick the preferred pad for the right purpose. You would choose the Metallic version for aggressive, high-wear conditions. For dry situations when more control is called for you still opt for Organic in the Quiet model or opt their new Power version as best suited for specific riding requirements for their respective specialties.

Of course, the G2 Ultimate features SRAM's Bleeding Edge technology with the bleed port at the bottom of the caliper. All four piston bores communicate to ensure the DOT 5.1 fluid naturally fills the caliper, resulting in an easier, more consistent bleed. With the Contact Point Adjust dial on the lever the rider can determine the lever position at the point the pads contact the rotor, allowing for real symmetry between front and rear brake feel and control. It doesn't move the pads, just your lever position relative to pad contact, allowing you maximum control and power- easily carried off the precision sealed bearings of the lever pivot. These calipers are the S4 Light Weight 4-Piston Caliper design featuring four machined and Moly-coated pistons for consistent roll-back and easy set-up. The design also carries SRAM's Heat Shield technology to reduce heat build-up within the caliper. The levers themselves are designed with a Power Reserve Geometry in mind, bringing the X-factor distance of the lever pull zone from the center of the bar to the center of the lever to it's shortest distance. It reduces the lever's inward travel, creating an arc that is more ergonomic for easier, greater power and feel on the lever.

For trail riders and others who simply require the lightest, best option with "mini-Code" power, the G2 Ultimate Disc brakes are the premium level SRAM stoppers to keep you safe and in control with incredible modulation and power at all times.

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  • Lightweight trail brake set-up with premium materials, technology, and deliver Code-like power from the DH world to everyday trail riding, with excellent feel and modulation as well
  • Pre-bled lever, hose, caliper set-up will require sizing and on bike bleed adjustment for optimal use
  • S4 Light Weight 4-Piston Caliper features 4 machined and Moly-coated pistons for consistent roll-back and easy set-up; features Heat Shield technology to reduce heat build-up; features Bleeding Edge
  • Levers sculpted and utilize the finest materials: titanium and carbon fiber for stiffness, light weight, and precise function
  • More caliper stiffness and a new pad compound with bite
  • Pivot bearings for crisp lever feel and a fatigue-free ride
  • SRAM's best power to weight ratio in a four-piston brake
  • Bleeding Edge technology featuring DOT 5.1 fluid
  • Contact Point Adjust dial on the lever for precise set-up
  • Power Reserve Geometry optimizes the X-factor distance from center of bar to center of lever
  • Tool free reach adjust at lever pivot via small dial
  • Caliper mount standard: Direct mount DIR, Intl Std (180mm Rear, 200mm Frt rotor) 40I
  • Sold as a complete unit (lever, caliper, hose, MatchmakerX clamp, Steel backed Organic resin pads)
  • Select: Front or Rear
  • Finish: Gloss Black/Rainbow
  • Weight: 610 grams (full unit assembly)
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