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Mountain Derailleurs - Rear

By mining the combined technology of new and historical SRAM 1:1 shifting systems, the company has applied just the mix into the 10-speed GX 2x10 rear derailleur. This cost effective design delivers incredible shifting speed and precision more commonly associated with 11-speed components. Of course SRAM applied the 1:1 ratio Exact Actuation™ technology to eliminate hesitant action and shifting variation. The Roller Bearing Clutch™ technology delivers maximum drivetrain stability by preventing cage bounce and chain slap even as you pilot over the most punishing terrain.

SRAM delivers all this and more to the GX 2x drivetrain, which is a fantastic shifting system at any price. SRAM even added their Cage Lock™ technology which makes wheel removal and installation easier than ever. The 302 gram Long Cage version of the GX 10 Speed Rear Derailleur is easy to set-up and adjust, with all of the important features and screws easily accessible.

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  • Impressive technology from advanced systems make this GX 10-speed rear derailleur shift like a charm, and handle the rigors of 2x10 drivetrain mountain biking
  • Aluminum body and cage deliver stiffness, reasonable weight and cost
  • 1:1 ratio Exact Actuation™ shifting technology
  • Roller Bearing Clutch™ technology delivers maximum chain stability
  • Cage Lock™ technology makes wheel removal/installation simple, easy
  • 10-Speed Long Cage, 36T max
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 302 grams
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