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GX Eagle is all about the precision and simplicity of the 1x12 drivetrain with the massive range of the 10-50 cassette. Fast, sharp shifting with the GX trigger shifter is to be expected, but SRAM basically took the full mechanicals of the Eagle XX1 GripShift Shifter, changed body material from carbon fiber to composite and added only 4 grams, saving $100. The essence of GripShift has always been easier, simpler, more responsive shifting. The original version put SRAM into the component game, and it worked quite well. SRAM's dedication to it's 1:1 cable pull ratio moved the engineers more towards developing the top trigger shifting system, but GripShift never truly went away. Top riders from every discipline have advocated for having a GripShifter back in top-line components. Here, in GX Eagle, the 12-speed shifting system answers the call, and while the triggers may be more popular, GripShiftErs are ecstatic. Still built with the 1:1 X-Actuation principles to fully integrate with the Eagle rear derailleur, SRAM uses a full metal indexing system called Speed Metal for ultimate precision and durability, always a challenge for original weight versions that featured plastic. A series of three rows of ball bearings, called Rolling Thunder, nearly eliminates friction and play, reducing the force needed to shift and promoting long-term performance under all weather and climate conditions. These robust internals are a huge advancement over the best twist-style shifters made.

The main length of the Eagle 12-Speed GripShift is simply a handlebar grip. The shifting zone sits inboard of the grip, culminating in a short, tapered end that give you purchase, and mates to the composite cable extension and adjuster, but has been designed to integrate cleanly with Guide or Level brakes. The elements of the entire system have interlocking sections, and the assembly is locked in place with JAWS, which employs a set of forged, anodized aluminum clamps on either end. Once the pieces are interlocked and the JAWS fastened, you are good to go. The outboard clamp has a little bit of a rise to it, so you have a sense of where the end of the bar is at all times. The grip area and twist shifter are more durable and have better wet or dry performance thanks to refinements in rubber technology over the years.

Eagle requires incredible precision up and down the system to deliver the intended performance. SRAM has engineered a GripShifter that is worthy of Eagle 1x12, with incredible durability, ease of use, and super-fast response that GripShift proponents believe gives them an advantage. However you choose to shift Eagle, you can sleep easily knowing you will have the best performing shifter and 1x drivetrain on the market. GX Eagle will be the choice of many trail riders, and the old timers in particular will embrace the GX Eagle GripShift Shifter.

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  • 12-speed GX Eagle™ GripShift rear shifter includes new robust, smooth internals
  • New GripShift mechanism delivers an increased level of precision and durability
  • X-Actuation™ 1:1 system of each index matches rear derailleur perfectly
  • Speed Metal™ indexing fully made of metal for ultimate wear, durability, precision
  • Rolling Thunder™ bearing system: 3 rows of ball bearings provide zero friction or play
  • Reduces force needed to shift, ensures years of use in all weather conditions
  • Interlocking design of ends, shifter and grip held in place by JAWS clamps
  • JAWS™ clamps made from forged aluminum, anodized for protection
  • Body end with cable extension made from composite, features barrel adjuster
  • Grip and shifter feature better tactile feel and added toughness, wet or dry
  • Compatible only with Eagle 12-speed drivetrains
  • Colors: Black
  • Weight: 144 grams (includes SS cable, JAWS, grip)
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