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SRAM's Eagle concept is being carried to more accessible price points, and the GX Eagle is ready to fly. Performance is pretty close to that of its more expensive Eagle XX1 and X01 siblings, but the savings are substantial. Perhaps the best feature is that all Eagle components are compatible across the range. The XG-1275 GX Eagle 12 Speed Cassette is a great example of how that value comes into play. Well over a $100 less than it's the more expensive version, the GX cassette delivers similar shifting performance weighs and weighs only 90 grams more.

Single chainring, wide range mountain bike drivetrains have more than demonstrated their viability- for many riders this is the new shifting standard. SRAM's 12-speed Eagle moves the needle even further with a 1x crankset and two massive range cassette options (10-50, 10-52) in a stamped steel cassette. Yes, massive range to the tune of 500 or 520%. This range gets you within about 5-15% of the effective range of most mountain bike doubles, but with the simplicity and reduced weight of a single shifter and no front derailleur. SRAM takes full advantage of the XD Driver standard, as well as their innovative cog pinning (FULL PIN) technology to deliver this incredible component,

From a shifting perspective, SRAM has spent year of R+D on developing and improving on how the chain and cassette teeth interact. The X-Glide 2 system was optimized for the narrow 12-speed Eagle chain and the loads and angles created by the design. The new, integrated and clocked tooth profiles provide quick, precise, power-on shifting performance throughout the gear range, and increase chain retention on larger cogs. So whether you are riding or building XX1 Eagle, X01 Eagle, or GX Eagle, you share the same essential shifting function at the cassette, and can save coin on your second fastest wearing component without worry.

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  • XD Driver style 12-speed cassette exclusively for Eagle drivetrains with 10-50, 10-52 range
  • FULL PIN 11 cogs, plus 1 and SRAM's cassette manufacturing technology provide the greatest durability and lightest weight possible
  • Stamped steel cluster of 11 cogs
  • X-GLIDE™ 2 optimized for the EAGLE™ 12-speed has new tooth and physical shifting features that create a smoother, quieter system with enhanced inboard and outboard shift performance
  • Optimized 500% gear range with 10-50, 520% with 10-52
  • Compatible with 11/12 XD Driver™ bodies
  • Black finish on cogs wears well, resists corrosion
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 445 grams (10-50)
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