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These SRAM 10-Speed Outer Chainrings are the original equipment replacements for Force, Rival and Apex 10-speed cranksets. Machined from 7000 series aluminum, the rings are clean, stiff, and light. Featuring Powerglide aligned shift gates and ramps, the pick-ups from the small rings offer smooth, efficient shifting when paired with SRAM's 10-speed chains.

The black anodization resists corrosion and adds overall durability over long miles of use and many hundreds of shifts. The 5-bolt crankarm systems feature either 110mm (compact double), or 130mm (standard road double) bolt circle diameters, and you will see some options on the 46T and 48T rings that reference either GXP or BB30 botttom bracket systems. This requirement is a function of the length of the pin that prevents chaindrop over the ring into the area between the ring and arm. On the BB30 version of those rings, the pin is 3mm, 1mm shorter than the others. This is important as these rings are commonly used in cyclocross drivetrains, where chaindrop is regularly relevant. Always match the outer ring to the appropriate inner ring, as shifting ramps and gates are specific to pairings.

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  • 10-speed outer chainring optimized for Powerglide, will work with all SRAM 10-speed Force, Rival, and Apex set-ups
  • Powerglide aligns the tooth profiles, bevels and angles to 10s Powerglide inner rings
  • Machined from 7000 series aluminum for stiffness, lightweight, long wear
  • Machined aluminum ring is black anodized for color and protection
  • Select the proper ring size and BCD for your crankset
  • Inner and outer rings are generally matched for best shifting performance (ex. 53-39, 46-36, 48-38, 50-34, etc)
  • Outer chainrings usually have combination listed on the back side of the ring
  • 46T and 48T rings may reflect GXP or BB30, choose properly
  • 110 bcd options: 46, 48, 50 teeth
  • 130 bcd options: 53, 46 teeth
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