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SRAM's Red rear derailleurs have always been feats of engineering and high-tech materials, and the current version is no different. With Red 22 becoming, simply, Red, there wasn't much need to redesign the sweet shifting mechanism, but the engineers were able to sculpt the cage some some and find ways to incorporate the Falcon grey finish with some black anodized areas. You still get two options, short cage for range up to 28 tooth large cog cassettes and the WiFlLi™ mid cage that can handle 32 tooth options. Carbon, titanium, ceramics...you get the wide spectrum of exotic materials and performance you expect all in weights that seem darn near silly: 145g for the short cage, and 165g for the mid-cage.

The combination of construction and materials provide the foundation for great shifting and allow SRAM to execute their design, particularly the 1:1 ratio of Exact Actuation™ which helps to simplify/stabilize the uneasy balancing act of rear derailleur hanger design, tight cog spacing and exact cable tension to provide precise, efficient shifting that once set-up, almost never requires adjustment. The use of carbon fiber for the cage and inner linkage ensures both optimal stiffness and lightweight, while the hardware is largely titanium that has been shaped to be aero smooth with no rough edges. The assembly is clean, easy to setup and adjust, as well as service. The AeroGlide™ pulley wheels have been engineered to work perfectly with the Red 22 chain, with the tooth profile of both upper and lower shaped to achieve a sound damping effect for a super efficient and silent ride experience. Couple the pulleys with ceramic bearings and effortless, quiet speed and shifting precision meet minimal friction for true Red-level performance.

One note on the mid-cage version. WiFLi changes the cage length- obviously- but also has a variation in shape to work best with the chain angles that result from the use of a 32 tooth cassette. Visually this can difficult to pick-up, but the result is surprising in that the chain path clears the cage completely, reducing the risk of wear on the edge of carbon fiber design. Shifts are smoother as well due to the overall stiffness of the design, and with the PowerDome X PG-1190 cassette, you can have incredible range without sacrificing performance or adding much weight. This is yet another example of the Red advantage.

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  • 11-speed rear derailleur for SRAM road double drivetrains with 1:1 Exact Actuation
  • Exact Actuation™ shifting provides fast, accurate shifts
  • Nearly silent, low friction shifting with optimized AeroGlide pulleys, ceramic bearings
  • New carbon chain pulley cage adds precise chain management
  • Carbon inner links, carbon cages, aero designed titanium hardware
  • Titanium pinch bolt keeps a low profile while minimizing weight
  • Mid-cage version offers WiFLi optimized cage with 32T clearance
  • Short cage range max 11-28, mid-cage 11-28 through 11-32
  • Finish: Falcon grey, black anodized, carbon (cage)>
  • Options: Short cage, Mid-cage
  • Weight: 145g (short cage), 165g (mid-cage)
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