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With the release of Red eTap AXS 12-speed, SRAM brings us the Red AXS DUB Cransket 2x12, a wonder of design and engineering that not only maximizes impeccable machining, but also optimizes the 12x2 drivetrain and X-Range cassette gearing with 10T small cogs. The chainring combinations are unfamiliar but a quick look at a gearing chart is all you need to understand the large and small ring tooth count options.

For most cyclists, a crankset starts with the arms, which feature Carbon Tuned construction which ensures super lightweight and strong structure, with variable wall thicknesses and internal lattice that allow for the weight and strength combination that elicits indelible arm stiffness and power transfer. That arm affixes to the 28.99mm universal hollow DUB spindle, now brought to road cranksets. The two arms and DUB spindle create an exceedingly stiff interface that pushes weight boundaries for large-scale production bike components. Of course all that is very interesting and impressive, but not the headline story of the Red AXS DUB Crankset, that belongs to the single-piece, machined double ring unit.

This undeniably impressive technical accomplishment, this unique chainring design, combines with the carbon arms and DUB spindle to result in a the ultimate lighter weight, stiffer, more durable crankset. SRAM's road tooth structure and unified ring system form the front end of the X-Range gearing system. To simply look at the machining and minute details can keep one transfixed until the desire to use it overcomes the amazement. As paved and unpaved roads continue to expand drop bar bicycle riding possibilities, SRAM identified the need for new gearing options. The 2x12 drivetrain delivers. The engineers completely reconsidered gearing range, smoother progressions through the shift range, with smarter eTap shift settings, as delivered by the AXS (think- Access) wireless communication system. eTap AXS 12-speed delivers faster, more precise shifts, which come from a combination of the ring and profiling system, eTap AXS itself, and improved understanding and application of shifting gates from both the rings and cassette.

A few notes on the single piece 2x chainring system. First, SRAM is claiming vastly improved ring wear lifespan, though your results will vary with use and conditions. Second, the system bolts on to the driveside arm for easy removal and replacement. Third, SRAM is offering a Quarq DZero integrated power meter option as a complete crankset, as well as an upgrade. All Red AXS DUB crank arms can accept this upgrade. Last, consumers concerned about chainring or powermeter/chainring replacement cost should know that the increased wear and life eases that pain, and for the powermeter option SRAM is offering a specially priced replacement program to reduce cost.

SRAM's Red AXS DUB Crankset truly represents a level of integration excellence SRAM has been striving for. eTAP AXS takes it to the apex, with all of the seemingly individual technologies: DUB, Carbon Tuned arms, X-Range, and AXS all engineered to advance and supplement the whole. The results speak for themselves, or better yet, speak to you as you pursue your own journey into excellence.

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  • Impressively lightweight, stiff, efficient and innovative 2x12 road crankset
  • Released as an essential piece of the eTap AXS drivetrain/shifting system
  • Single-piece machined dual chainring structure that bolts on to drive crank arm
  • SRAM rates chainring life at 50% better than Red 22 11-speed rings
  • Arms are compatible with Red AXS Quarq DZero powermeter ring version
  • Carbon Tuned crank arms are lightweight, stiff, strong for 28.99 DUB spindle system
  • DUB spindle affixed to left arm, drivearm and ring assembly bolts to spindle
  • Unified assembly delivers impressive strength to weight ratio, performance
  • Teeth are profiled with X-Range technology, to match chain, cassette, AXS
  • eTap AXS system completely refines shift windows and gates in stroke
  • Much more precise, smooth in conjunction with ring/cassette tooth options
  • Compatible only with SRAM CN-RED-D1 12-speed Flattop X-Range road chain
  • Chainline: 45mm
  • Lengths: 170, 172.5, 175 mm
  • Chainring options: 46/33, 48/35, 50/37
  • Natural Carbon arms, raw machined and black anodized ring structure
  • Weight: 600 grams (170mm, 50-37)
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