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SRAM has refined their already light and durable Red AXS chain to be even lighter without sacrificing anything. The HollowPin construction surpasses solid pin designs in both weight and strength, while strategically placed cutouts in the outer and inner plates shave off an additional 13 grams compared to the previous generation. Can a chain truly be lighter, faster, stronger, and more durable than any other? This one certainly is.

Imagine extending the range of your drivetrain while simultaneously achieving smoother gear transitions with minimal variance in tooth count between adjacent gears. What if you could achieve this without compromising drivetrain efficiency or necessitating more frequent chain replacements? Enter our innovative Flattop chain link design, a pivotal component that facilitates these enhancements.

Expanding the gear range with narrower gearing steps requires a narrower chain. With Flattop, SRAM reinforced each link by adding material to the flat side of the chain plates. Furthermore, their Hard Chrome surface treatment on the pins, inner plates, and rollers enhances chain longevity and preserves precise shifting performance over extended periods. Moreover, Flattop chains boast large diameter rollers with extended wear properties, ensuring comparable drivetrain efficiency to their 11-speed systems. Together, these technologies have enabled the engineering of a narrower 12-speed chain that outlasts the 11-speed counterparts by an impressive 36%.

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  • Flattop technology enables a narrower chain with quieter operation and increased strength and durability
  • Hard Chrome plated inner link plates and rollers for reduced wear and prolonged life.
  • HollowPin construction for increased strength and efficiency
  • Super-light outer plates with cut-out design.
  • 13 g lighter than previous RED chain
  • 114 Links
  • Type: 12-Speed Road
  • Weight: 249g
  • Available Colors: Silver or Rainbow
  • Chain Connector: PowerLock D1
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