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Road SRAM eTap Kits

Looking to build the lightest weight competition road bike you can? It makes sense to start with SRAM's eTap AXS 2x wireless shifting system for cable-actuated rim brakes. Road riders are going beyond where we’ve ever gone before. SRAM is going further and faster in pursuit of the optimal drivetrain systems for this new cycling frontier, to push those boundaries without any distractions. eTap AXS™ was developed for today’s riders. The result: an intuitive, high-performance drivetrain and shifting system that means you can focus on what’s most important- the ride itself. Exploring new limits has never been easier. SRAM Red eTap AXS takes you Simply Beyond. When you see AXS, think access. Access to a new riding experience, and access via a new Bluetooth based communication process that links your smartphone via the AXS app to set-up, manage, and update your eTap AXS system.

The Red eTap AXS 2x Electronic Groupset is a SRAM-boxed mini-group featuring the Left and Right eTap AXS Shift/Brake levers you need for rim brakes, front and rear eTap AXS derailleurs, with interchangeable eTap rechargeable batteries, USB cord/battery charger, along with brake cable and housing sets (packed under the top foam layer in the box). The shifters are powered by easily replaceable CR2032 coin cell batteries and the whole eTap AXS system is quick and simple to install, set-up and use- a process made even more convenient with the eTap AXS app and your BLE enabled smartphone.

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  • Boxed mini-group of eTap AXS parts components for 2x road drivetrain and cable-actuated rim brakes
  • Left and Right eTap AXS shift/brake levers
  • eTap AXS Road braze-on mount Front Derailleur
  • eTap AXS Road Rear Derailleur (for up to SRAM XDR 10-33 cassette)
  • Two interchangeable, removable eTap batteries
  • Battery charger and USB cable
  • Brake cable and housing set (packed in 2nd layer of foam in box)
  • You will still need: Red AXS Crank/BB, cassette, chain, rim brake calipers
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