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SRAM's Red eTap system has taken the cycling world by storm. With it's wireless electronic shifting system, eTap represents a new frontier in shifting performance. The system uses Airea, a proprietary 128 bit transmission system that encrypts each set-up with it's own code, so it cannot be tampered with. The standard shift levers or a control unit called the Blip Box supply the sending signal power, so SRAM developed their satellite shifters for road or aero use as simple wired plug in units. A push of the Blip Shift Button means the shifter or Blip Box will immediately signal to the derailleurs to make the shift. Simple.

With sprinters, climbers and virtually any rider having their own preferences where satellite shifters should be mounted, there are multiple wire lengths available to keep the installation clean. Blip buttons can be mounted out in the open, or even under handlebar tape. Each button has a direct line plug. Each eTap shifter has 2 ports for Blip use, so you can have both Blips located both on the drop and the bar top if you like. This pack is sold with 2 Blips, but they are individual units, so you can use them however you choose. One for the front shifter, one for the rear, etc. If you are using a Blip Box for aerobar set-ups, you have all the same options.

Simply measure the distance in millimeters from the shifter or Blip Box location to the spot where you want to mount the Blip along the surface of the handlebar or aerobar. Then select the appropriate length or lengths that best suit your needs. Once you plug in, you are ready to go, just secure the Blip via the sticky back adhesive and wrap. If you are positioning the Blip outside a taped area, you can opt for rubber Blip Mounts that fasten around the bar. Incredibly simple, entirely user friendly in all regards, and only with Red eTap from SRAM.

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  • Pair of 2 wired satellite shift buttons for SRAM eTap system
  • Cable ends plug directly into shifter body (up to 2 per) or Blip Box (4 per, for aerobars)
  • Can be mounted anywhere you like, and even covered by handlebar tape
  • Measure from desired location to shifter or Blip Box for length required
  • Always order up if you fall between lengths for more flexibility
  • Hard wired Blip signal is wirelessly sent to derailleur through secure AIREA system
  • System is weatherproof
  • Sold in pair of individual Blips
  • Select length: 130mm, 250mm 450mm, 650mm
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