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Building out your triathlon or TT bike is always a pretty involved process, with aero bars, extensions, shifter and brake assemblies. Many of today's aero event specific bikes are being designed for disc brake use, which once set-up, are generally easier to manage than cable actuated brakes. SRAM's S900 Aero Hydraulic Road Disc Brakes are a breath of fresh air, which simpler assembly, adjustment and management. They are also sleek, ergonomically sound, and aerodynamically efficient. Each assembly includes the lever system and disc caliper. Front equal left, Rear equals right. The calipers for the S900 Aeros are Flat Mount standard only. The calipers are compatible with 140 or 160mm rotors depending on installation.

At just 240 grams per assembly, the S900 Aeros are pretty light, with SRAM taking advantage of Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic to both shape and keep the lever body light and strong. The lever action itself uses a simple but effective bushing on stiff pivot for smooth and consistent lever feel and motion. A textured surface on the lever delivers tactile feel and control even when when sweaty or wet. The actual lever reach is adjustable, with a tool (no on the fly adjustment). Keep in mind that the lever also serves as the master cylinder for the disc caliper, and it is equipped for the upper bleed process, using SRAM's HydroT system with all common SRAM disc brake fittings and processes. SRAM 5.1 DOT fluid is the recommended and preferred fluid, though in a pinch general DOT 5.1 or DOT 4 are acceptable. No other fluid should be used.

The Flat Mount calipers have a Monoblock structure from aluminum, with an anodized finish. SRAM equips them with steel backed organic compound pads to provide steady, sure braking power even when hot. SRAM recommends their CenterLine X rotors for best results and wear. Hardware is a mixture of ti and stainless steel, and SRAM uses the Stealth-a-majig™ connector to ensure fast and convenient initial setup. The technology of the Bleeding Edge service system provides for quick, hassle-free bleeds.

SRAM builds the S900 Aero HRD brake system as a tool for unconditional braking for unconditional riders who can take advantages of how well disc brakes integrate with aero framesets, along with other frame construction advantages. Precise feel and power, wit minimal lever action favors aero athletes who rarely do more than scrub a little speed in a corner or ease into a transition point. Maximum control with minimal effort, with overall efficiency. That is the story of the S900 Aero HRD brakes.

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  • Flat Mount disc caliper and aero lever assembly for hydraulic road aero use
  • Optimized braking power and modulation for triathlon and time trial
  • Aero-specific hydraulic disc braking platform- HydroT- offers superior control, feel, heat management
  • Textured carbon brake lever for better finger grip
  • Reach Adjust allows for custom brake lever fit
  • Stealth-a-majig™ connector makes initial setup fast and convenient
  • Bleeding Edge™ technology for quick, hassle-free bleeds
  • 160mm or 140mm CenterLine X rotors are recommended for Tri/TT bikes
  • Caliper includes Steel-backed Organic compound pads
  • Includes hydraulic hose and fittings
  • SRAM DOT 5.1 preferred; DOT 5.1 or 4.0 acceptable- nothing else
  • Select: Front, Rear
  • Weight: 240g per single assembly
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