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If you are a home mechanic who is comfortable with the process of bleeding your SRAM/Avid hydraulic disc brake system, this SRAM Standard Disc Brake Bleed Kit has been upgraded from the older Avid version. This kit is designed for DOT 5.1 fluid systems and should not be mixed or used with any other hydraulic brake fluid. Regular bleeding and service will ensure maximal performance and rider safety at all times and allow you to carefully inspect your system's components int eh process.

The dual syringe system has quick attach short hose assemblies for the various fitting systems used by the SRAM brake family including the Bleeding Edge fitting. All of the essential bits are included- see the details below, as well as a 4oz bottle of DOT 5.1 fluid. Please keep in mind that all SRAM's bleeding instructions and processes should be followed (see the company's YouTube channel for video instruction), and always wear protective gloves when working with DOT5 5.1 fluid.

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  • SRAM's updated standard-level DOT 5.1 fluid only disc brake bleed kit
  • Will make the process of bleeding easier, more efficient and effective
  • Kit includes:
    • 2 syringes with tube assemblies
    • All required fittings
    • Bleed blocks
    • Torx tool
    • Crowfoot
    • Bleeding Edge Fitting
    • DOT 5.1 hydraulic fluid (4oz size, always wear gloves when handling)
  • For all SRAM and Avid hydraulic disc brakes with DOT 5.1 fluid
  • Common systems: SRAM X0, XX, Guide, Level, Code, HydroR / G2
  • SRAM part# 00.5318.016.000
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