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So what is different about the SRAM XG-1299 to the XG-1295 12 speed cassettes? Essentially the the gold color Ti-Nitride protective, friction reducing finish. And while there is certainly value in the finish, cassettes are wear items, and if performance and weight are pretty close, lots of folks, even XX1 Eagle riders, will save $60 and get the XG-1295, at least for training purposes.

Single chainring, wide range mountain bike drivetrains have more than demonstrated their viability- for many riders this is the new shifting standard. SRAM's 12-speed XO1 Eagle group moves the needle even further with a 1x crankset and stunning 10-50 and 10-52 cassettes. This range gets you within about 8-15% of the effective range of most mountain bike doubles, but with the simplicity and reduced weight of a single shifter and no front derailleur. SRAM takes full advantage of the XD Driver standard, as well as their innovative XD-Dome large cog technology. In this XO1 Eagle version, you also get a the black finish of the 11 cog cluster and an anodized largest aluminum cog . While it looks spectacular, aesthetics didn't drive the decision, friction reduction and longer wear did. At just 355 grams, it is still remarkably lightweight for what it actually offers- ridiculous range!

SRAM machines the 11 smaller cogs and carriers from a single block of chromoly steel. The company has been doing this since the first PowerDome 10-speed Red cassette and the process has only gotten more refined. Stiff, strong, and light, this assembly slides onto the 11-speed XD Driver- no new freehub or wheelset if you already have an XD equipped version. The XD-Dome Eagle design adds a machined aluminum 50 or 50T cog with a spline center that is affixed to the steel section. You simply slide the entire assembly onto the XD Driver body, lining up the rear splines, and then tighten the internal lockring that holds the cassette in place. Though the spline depth for the cassette tool is slightly deeper than an some older cassette locking tools that use the 12-notch 23.mm diameter (think SRAM and Shimano standard cassette lockrings), most newer tools have a deep enough spline zone to make the interface.

From a shifting perspective, SRAM has spent year of R+D on developing and improving on how the chain and cassette teeth interact. The X-Glide 2 system was optimized for the narrow 12-speed Eagle chain and the loads and angles created by the design. The new, integrated and clocked tooth profiles provide quick, precise, power-on shifting performance throughout the gear range, and increase chain retention on larger cogs. The technology, engineering and performance of the XG-1295 Eagle 12-Speed Cassette must be experienced first hand, and many XX1 11-speed riders have been blown away by the differences in the drivetrain overall and how smoothly the shifting is with this incredible 10-50 cassette. Return to Top


  • XD Driver style 12-speed cassette exclusively for Eagle drivetrains with massive range
  • X-DOME™ architecture and SRAM's cassette manufacturing technology provide the greatest durability and lightest weight possible
  • Machined steel cluster of 11 cogs affixed to 50T or 52T machined aluminum cog
  • X-GLIDE™ 2 optimized for the EAGLE™ 12-speed has new tooth and physical shifting features that create a smoother, quieter system with enhanced inboard and outboard shift performance
  • Optimal 500% gear range comes close to 2x MTB drivetrains
  • Compatible with 11/12 XD Driver™ bodies
  • Black finish on 11 cog cluster wears well, resists corrosion
  • Options: 10-50, 10-52
  • Color: Black (with Polar Grey 50T cog), Polar Grey
  • Weight: 355 grams
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