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The SRAM XPLR AXS PG-1231 12-Speed Cassette is a high-performance component designed for gravel and adventure cycling. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, this cassette offers a wide gear range and smooth shifting performance to conquer varied terrains and challenging conditions.

The 12-speed configuration of the XPLR AXS cassette provides a broad range of gear ratios, ensuring riders have the right gear for any situation. Whether it's tackling steep climbs or powering through fast descents, this cassette offers the versatility needed for adventurous rides. The closely spaced gear ratios enable smooth and precise shifts, allowing riders to maintain optimal cadence and efficiency.

Constructed with lightweight yet robust materials, the XPLR AXS cassette strikes the perfect balance between durability and weight savings. The individual cogs are meticulously engineered to provide efficient power transfer while withstanding the demands of off-road riding. This ensures long-lasting performance and reliability, even in rugged conditions.

The XPLR AXS cassette features SRAM's innovative X-Dome design, which utilizes a full pin construction to enhance strength and rigidity while minimizing weight. This design reduces flex and improves shifting accuracy, providing consistent and reliable gear changes. The open design also facilitates mud clearance, preventing buildup and ensuring consistent shifting performance even in muddy conditions.

The XPLR AXS cassette is compatible with SRAM's AXS technology, enabling wireless integration with other AXS components. This wireless communication eliminates the need for traditional cables, simplifying installation and maintenance. The AXS system also allows for easy customization and personalization of shifting preferences through the AXS app, ensuring a tailored and optimized riding experience.

Installation of the XPLR AXS cassette is straightforward, thanks to SRAM's XD driver body technology. The cassette is designed to be mounted on a compatible XD driver body, providing a secure and reliable connection. This system ensures precise alignment and engagement, maximizing power transfer and durability.

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  • 12-speed configuration with a wide gear range for versatile riding
  • Precise and smooth shifting performance for optimal cadence and efficiency
  • Durable construction with lightweight materials for long-lasting performance
  • X-Dome design enhances strength, rigidity, and shifting accuracy
  • Open design for improved mud clearance and consistent shifting performance
  • Compatible with SRAM's AXS technology for wireless integration
  • Easy customization and personalization of shifting preferences through the AXS app
  • Straightforward installation with XD driver body technology
  • 350 grams
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