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SRAM's 12-speed XX1 Eagle drivetrain is a true wonder. A single ring up front with a 10-50 cassette in the back? What? But not only is it here, but it is awesome, with performance you won't believe until you ride it. Some serious technical challenges were faced, but instead of seeing obstacles, SRAM saw solutions. The chain for the Eagle 12-speed drivetrain is perhaps the best example. No other component is as individually purposed for performance success than this chain. The drastic angles and loads the chain faces as it drives the oversized cassette and your bike over the harshest terrain cannot be understated or taken lightly and SRAM engineered a chain that only excels, but will define how all chains will be evaluated moving forward.

The Eagle chain’s links have a smooth radius, with no sharp edges or chamfers, which yield a significant reduction in noise, friction and wear on chainrings and cassette cogs. Flow Link design means the inner plates are completely devoid of square edges. Those edges are normally a cause of chain wear and create friction, which can lead to slower shifting and noise. The design makes a narrower overall profile possible and can withstand greater gear-to-gear angles. It allows for a flatter outer-plate, which means more consistent chain riveting and enhanced overall strength, despite the narrow overall width of the 12-speed system. While all this sounds amazing, and it is, understand these concepts don't have to be limited to Eagle. Many integrated engineering features such as X-Sync tooth and cog profiles must conform and mate with the chain properly, but we predict we will be seeing more chain development with these groundbreaking features.

In addition SRAM released the chain as a Hard Chrome model, which features proprietary finishing process technology that delivers four times the elongation (wear) resistance over previous SRAM chains. This process is used on the rollers and inner links, and not only vastly increases wear, but also increases chain component strength, which is why the thinner 12-speed chain is as strong as thicker premium chain models. A special PowerLock link was developed for the Eagle chain, featuring the same design aspects and seamlessly integrating with the full chain for constant perfect performance. As with the case of other PowerLock links, the 12-speed version is a single use design, but the ease of use and overall performance are well worth replacement every time you need to pull your drivetrain apart. It doesn't require special tools to install, but a chain plier can still be handy for removal.

Every cyclist that still rides a double or triple drivetrain gets the repeated advice about cross-chaining that shop techs like to give. 1x drivetrains changed that narrative and Eagle makes you scratch your head and wonder who SRAM can deliver such incredible shifting performance, so quietly, with such extreme chain angles and stresses. The answer is here- the Eagle 12-Speed Chain. For those of you with a preference, it also comes in Black of Gold. Smoothly, of course. Return to Top


  • Exceptionally quiet XX1 Eagle 12-speed, 1x drivetrain-specific chain with PowerLock link
  • Features Flow Link™ design and technology- reduced friction, speed shifting
  • Ultra smooth inner-plates are completely devoid of square edges
  • Withstands greater angle, allows for a flatter outer-plate, more consistent chain riveting and enhanced overall strength
  • Hard Chrome™ chain with new finishing process on the inner links and rollers
  • Four times the elongation (wear) resistance to previous SRAM chains
  • Chrome hardened Hollow Pin™ design
  • Chain lasts longer and is just as strong as wider models
  • 12-speed specific PowerLock PVD™ is one-time use only
  • Compatible only with Eagle 1x drivetrain with Eagle 10-50 cassette
  • 126 link chain with PowerLock
  • Color: Copper, Black, Gold, Rainbow
  • Weight: 265 grams
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