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While SRAM riders trust in and love the trigger shifters the company has offered over the years, it is safe to say that the reliability and precision has been taken for granted, despite the fact that the average shifter is used dozens of times every ride. The 1:1 actuation delivers quick, positive action. Now, SRAM has constantly refined the system and XX1 11-speed users have been the beneficiaries, but for the 12-speed Eagle drivetrains, more was not only needed, but required. SRAM did make the obvious changes to handle the 12-speed indexing and overall capacity. The X-Actuation 1:1 system has been carried over, as well as ZERO LOSS, which means there is no hesitation or lag when the lever engages. So you will be excused for thinking the XX1 Eagle Trigger Shifter is just an updated model. In reality, the overall feel, ergonomics of the levers, and actual operation have all been improved and the combination results in quicker, cleaner, and even more precise shifts. And let's be direct here, managing the mechanical realities of 12-speed spacing, extreme chainlines, and the incredible range of the 10-50 Eagle cassette cannot be minimized. The shifting HAS to be perfect.

Visually, if you examine the XX1 and XX1 Eagle trigger shifters side by side you can see how the physical shape and construction of the carbon body has been changed. XX1 Eagle is much smoother, with better integration of the levers to the body. The same can be said for the Matchmaker X mounting system. The lower housing is stronger and stiffer, to best match the performance of the advanced shifter mechanism and carry the carbon cover. Titanium bolts are used to keep things light. The levers themselves feature advanced ergonomics that maximize the short lever throws with moderate rider effort and still deliver the positive feel that builds rider confidence that the shift has taken place. The pull-lever is adjustable, and the Matchmaker X mounting system offers great flexibility overall so you can find the ideal personal set-up.

Eagle's 12-speed system truly requires SRAM's best effort at system integration. The shifter must be ultra-precise as the rear derailleur only responds to the cable movement dictated by the shifter. The 1:1 ratio delivers sharp, responsive shifts through X-Actuation technology that is built into the shifter and derailleur. Even riders who have long experience with SRAM's trigger shifters will be impressed by the results, and even more so when they look at the pure size and gearing range of the cassette. SRAM has accomplished this at just 120 grams for the trigger shifter, or only a 10 gram increase from 11-speed XX1. Eagle cannot function without every single component doing it's job, but to those who take shifters for granted, remember that once the drivetrain is set-up, the shifter initiates the action. A failure at the shifter cannot happen. And yet these small, comparatively delicate devices must produce accurate mechanical action, for those dozens of shifts that govern your ride. The XX1 Eagle 12-Speed Trigger Shifter is the best SRAM trigger yet, and it truly has to be, every single shift.

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  • 12-speed right trigger shifter for XX1 Eagle 1x drivetrain
  • New mechanism creates a smoother and more advanced shifting system with exceptional reliability
  • Discrete mount design also can be used Matchmaker X clamp system (required, sold separately)
  • Internal works allow for 12th gear, and have been improved to enhance trigger feel, precision and durability
  • X-ACTUATION™, ZERO LOSS™ deliver 1:1 ratio cable pull with zero lag or hesitation
  • Carbon trigger, cover reduce weight, fasten to aluminum body which adds stiffness
  • Adjustable carbon pull lever, and Matchmaker X system allow for custom set-up
  • Maximum of 5 upshifts when holding lever in place
  • Titanium bolts are lightweight, strong, and resistant to corrosion
  • Most durable, precise, and ergonomic SRAM trigger shifter
  • Barrel adjuster allows for one-hand cable tension adjustments
  • Includes: SS cable, housing, fittings
  • Colors: Lunar
  • Weight: 122 grams (with cable)
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