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Equipment > Accessories > Sealant / Tape / Patch Kits > Rim Strip / Rim Tape


This is the sealing tape that is included with most of Stan's bundled tubeless systems, and is required for rim use. It covers the spoke hole and bare essentials to provide gap seal to prevent fluid leakage when running a tubeless setup with a NoTubes tubeless valve. The tape also works as a standard rim strip with a tube. The tape roll is 10 yards long which is ample for a five 26", or four 29". One side is adhesive and has some stretch to it. The material is quite robust and shouldn't give you any issues during install or when in use. Choosing the correct width is crucial. NoTubes make recommendations for all of their rim designs and has excellent product information and installation videos on their website.

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  • Always apply to a rim surface that is clean and free of oils, lint, and dirt
  • Durable and easy to install
  • Same tape that is included with Stan's tubeless systems
  • Roll length: 10 yards
  • Options: 21mm, 25mm, 27mm, 30mm, 39mm
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Average Rating:

Posted on July 17, 2010
Perfect tape to if you have trouble squeezing those clincher tires over the rim... I had alot of trouble stretching my Veloflex Blacks over my Mavic SLRs... put in some Zipp strips and the tire folded over the rim as it should have. Highly recommended for Mavic style rims in my opinion. ls very easy to install... I just stuck the innertube valve through the eyelet and popped the tape over the rim.. was riding in minutes.

Posted on March 20, 2010
Some of the best rim tape out there for a great price. Its replacing some Mavic band style rim tape that has been in use for a couple of years. The zipp stuff was easy to install and center. It’s thin so mounting a tight new tire was a breeze. Highly recommended.

Posted on July 9, 2008
This is the second generation Zipp rim tape I have used. The new tape is elastic and has no adhesive to hold it in place on the rim and it is narrower the the old, the new about 15 mm by my measurement. So, the new tape does not leave adhesive residue on your rim when you remove the tape as the old Zipp did—nice. The new tape is light weight, partially due to the tape being 1 mm narrower the the old Zipp tape (about 2 mm narrower than Velox). I recommend inserting a tube valve stem through your rim and the tape as you start to stretch the tape onto the rim; otherwise the tape moves and, after installed, is not easy to realign. After installing, check that the tape is centered on the rim; with just 15 mm width, some spoke holes may just barely be covered—I found re-centering the tape on the rim somewhat tedious. I am hoping this generation Zipp tape lasts a year as the old tape did. Next time, I will go back to heavy, wide, and reliable Velox.