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Stans NoTubes Grail CB7 Pro Rear Wheel

Looking for the foundation of a sub 1300 gram carbon disc brake wheelset that can handle the rigors of road, gravel, and cyclocross that delivers the most reliable tubeless ready set-up? Yes, it is real, and the Stan's NoTubes Grail CB7 Pro Wheelset is where it's at. The rear wheel offers freehub and disc interface options so we sell the front and rear separately. The Grail CB7 Pro Rear Wheelcan handle up to 85psi with a 700x25mm tubeless tire or up to 50psi with a 40mm tubeless tire. If you prefer tubes the max pressure for the 25mm is 115psi. That makes the Grail CB7 Pro rim highly versatile for such a capable wheelset.

For NoTubes the key to building a great wheel starts with the rim. Lighter is better, tubeless ready is required, and the width determines the tire size range. The carbon CB7 Grail rims weigh in at 300 grams, so check off "light". The shallow bead socket tubeless (BST-R) for road, or higher upper pressure range takes full advantage of NoTubes 25mm tubeless tape and 35mm valves for an optimal set-up with sealant. The WideRIght concept was developed by NoTubes to ensure that rim widths are appropriately matched to tires size for optimal shape, use, and safety.

The 21.6mm internal width of the CB7 Grail Pro rim is designed for 25-40mm tires. Never exceed the maximum pressure rating of the tire and rim based on tire size, and use caution with low pressure set-ups to ensure that your seal is effective enough eliminate burping of air/sealant at impact. The rim technology is named RiACT. Obsessive attention to the shape of the rim and a proprietary carbon fiber lay-up process have resulted in a rim that absorbs radial vibrations and impacts while maintaining lateral stiffness, keeping your wheels driving constantly forward with less energy loss than other carbon rims. The more forward momentum your wheel and tire can maintain without deflecting off the ground and sending your energy upward and backward, the faster you move. RiACT carbon rims allow the wheel system to absorb more energy overall, offering levels of vibration damping and impact absorption never possible. The result is a rim that's both stronger and faster-rolling.

As most Grail CB7 Pro use will be with tires from 32-50mm, the BST-R Series rims are optimized for tubeless use at pressures of up to 45psi. The max rider weight is 190lbs, so you don't have to be a featherweight to take advantage of these lightweight rims. The rear wheel build is a 28 hole rear configuration, laced 2x all around. NoTubes uses Sapim's j-bend Laser black stainless steel spokes and black Secure Lock alloy nipples. The ride is compliant, yet with consistently high tension the hub-based disc rotor forces are easily managed. It is the combination of the spokes, lacing, rim, and proper tire use that allows the Grail CB7 Pro Rear Wheel to perform as it designed, so you can perform at your best.

Of course at center of any wheel is the hub. Some hubs are fancier than others, but fancy means nothing. Function and performance capacity mean everything. For this C-level wheel NoTubes uses their disc NEO Ultimate rear hub. The NEO concept applies oversize alloy axles so the end user will have endcap flexibility for various axle type/sizes. The standard NEO is a very good hub, while the Ultimate starts from the standard and has additional hub shell CNC machining to reduce weight, and features stainless steel bearings for maximum durability. The shell design has the widest bearing stance feasible and combines with the axle design to reduce flex and add durability. The hub features angled alloy flanges for improved spoke alignment and more consistent tension to the rim. The laser-etched SealLock end caps lock into place and roll smoother, while preventing infiltration. The rear hub features the super quick SpeedSync freehub with 5-degree from a forged steel 36t ratchet ring for 72 points of contact delivering engagement for instant acceleration and control at any speed. Finally the NEO Ultimate places a triple bearing set-up in the freehub to provide the axle stability required to handle higher vertical and torsional loads. This is a strong performing hub that is the equal of the Grail CB7 rim and overall Pro wheel concept.

Stan&s NoTubes disrupted the wheel industry with their tubeless rim, tape, and sealant system and has taken that success and expanded it to offer it a full complement of wheel options for road and mountain, and everything in between. The Grail CB7 Pro Rear Wheel represents the best of the company's technologies. Isn't it time you represented yours?


  • Lightweight carbon rim rear wheel for road cross, gravel with higher volume tires
  • Incredibly light CB7 rim design optimized for tubeless tires and disc brakes
  • RiACT rim shape and carbon lay-up absorbs vibrations for the best ride possible
  • Patented BST-R tubeless rim inflates easier and offers a more secure tire fit
  • Optimized for lower pressure 25-40mm disc road, gravel, and cyclocross tires
  • Increased width = more stability, control with all appropriate tire types/sizes
  • Rim Spec: 21.6mm internal width, 26.4mm external with, 19.3mm depth, 300g
  • Sapim spokes-nipples: Laser Black j-bend 1.8/1.5/1.8mm, Secure Lock Alloy Black
  • Hub: NEO Ultimate with Speedsync freehub; RR 28h 2x
  • Tubeless ready with rim tape and valves installed (tubes can be used)
  • Max pressure by tire size: 25mm - 85psi, 32mm- 70psi, 40mm-50psi
  • Max Rider Weight: 190lbs (86 kilo)
  • Option: 12/142mm TA / Shimano 11 / Center Lock disc interface
  • Option: 12/142mm TA / SRAM XDR / 6-Bolt disc interface
  • Weight: 707 grams