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Stans NoTubes Grail S1 Front Wheel

Stan's NoTubes wants to equip you with wheels that ensure you can ride the discipline of choice without limits but let's face it, value for your dollar matters, especially in wheels designed everyday riding and training. That is where the Grail S1 comes into play. You don't have to narrowly define your goals. For pavement, gravel, cyclocross, and even singletrack, the Grail S1 is ready to carry you with ultimate reliability and consistent, forgiving performance from the 32 hole, 3x lacing. Stan’s tubeless technology is the best, offering less rolling resistance, more control, and the ability to seal most punctures almost instantly while you keep riding. The Grail S1's versatile, 490 gram BST-R rim design makes it compatible with tubeless road tires, low-pressure tubeless converted tires, and conventional tires and tubes, offering maximum flexibility in a 1907 gram wheelset. Grab the front here and check out the rear wheel for you best set-up. Upgrade your bike to the leading tubeless rim design, and find out what you’ve been missing.

The Grail S1's internal width and patented Bead Socket Technology-R rim design are optimized for 25-32mm tires at pressures up to 115psi tubed or tubeless. You can also safely run up to a 45mm tire at lower pressures as specified (down to 50 psi max at 45mm). Having the proper rim width for the tire range is crucial to tire performance and safety, tubeless or tubed. The reality is that wider can be faster, more stable, and more efficient in mixed surface conditions, so for disc brake use road, endurance road or cyclocross tires up to 32mm, the Grail S1 can create an optimal rim/tire interface with higher pressure than most tubeless set-ups. The rim itself features a 20.3mm internal width, with a 24mm external measurement and a 24.5mm profile height for a well balanced, stable, and strong hoop. All the advantages the Grail S1 offers on the road are even more noticeable once the pavement ends. For cyclocross and gravel racing, the optimized tire shape and added stability offer a distinct advantage. The Grail rim shape is even designed to avoid tire pinch flats, allowing cross and gravel racers to run lower pressures that absorb impacts and improve traction.

Nobody likes flats. Combined with Stan’s sealant, tubeless tires have the ability to seal punctures while you keep riding, adding a new level of security and convenience. Constructed from proven, durable, strong 6061 series aluminum, the Grail S1 rim is resilient enough for serious adventure on and off the pavement. As a front wheel, sealed steel bearings, co-molded seals, and full CNC machined bodies, the NEO disc front hub design that delivers power, control, for maximum durability for performance and high mileage in all conditions. Laced with 32 traditional and readily available j-bend Sapim spokes, this is front wheel is built to be what you need when durability, tubeless set-up and costs have to be balanced with performance.

Resilient, forgiving, tough, and featuring the most trusted tubeless technology in the world, the Grail S1 Front Wheel is ready to improve every ride, both on and off the pavement. To find out, grab this rea and the front you need, prepped for tubeless use with two layers of Stan's 21mm tubeless tape installed. Valves are not included, and Stan's recommends their 44mm option.


  • NoTubes Grail S1, versatile tubeless ready front wheel for road, gravel, cross and adventure
  • Proven and reliable tubeless rim design optimized for disc and tubeless
  • Durable and strong 6061 aluminum construction
  • Patented disc brake only BST-R tubeless rim inflates easier, offers a more secure tire fit
  • WideRight rim design improves cornering and stability and lets tires roll faster
  • Rim spec: 32H, IRW 20.3mm, ERW 24mm, Profile 24.5mm, Weight 490 grams
  • Lightweight, stiff NEO disc front hub for 12/100 thru-axle use (
  • Sapim Force Leader 2.0 black spokes w/ Secure Lock silver brass nipples, laced 3x
  • Optimized for 25-40mm disc road, gravel, and cyclocross tires
  • Max Pressure by tire size: 25mm-110psi, 32mm-70psi, 40mm-55psi
  • Prepped for tubeless use with rim tape (21mm x2), valves NOT included
    • Use Search box for item# 966091, Stan's NoTubes 44mm valves
  • Max Rider Weight: 250 lbs
  • Option: 12/100mm TA / 6-Bolt disc rotor interface
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 887 grams