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The NEO OS front hub design from NoTubes features a modular ecosystem but there are several keys you need to know when ordering the correct replacement parts such as the End Caps. The NEO OS shell carries the 20mm axle spacer that is adaptable for 20mm, 15mm, and 12mm thru-axles and 9mm QR (really). The NEO OS hub is 6-bolt disc only.

The SealLock End Cap design employed in the NEO OS hubs work extremely well, and the modular system gives you maximum flexibility moving forward, or if you have frames with different axle and dropout specifications. The machined alloy end caps are precisely made for each application, and the o-ring seal serves to keep moisture out the hub and provide a snug fit. Each end cap is clearly marked with a code number for identification. The NEO OS Hub End Caps are sold in pairs, are specific to the front and for 6-bolt disc brake rotors.

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  • SealLock End Caps for NoTubes NEO OS hubs
  • Sold in pairs
  • Specific to: Front NEO OS hub


  • Front 6-bolt NEO OS Hub
    • 15mm TA/100/110(E06)
    • 20mm TA/100/110(E05)
    • 9mm QR(E07), 9mm TA(E33) and 12mm TA(E32) also available
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