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Have you ever thought "NoTubes makes great sealant, but I'd pay more for a faster and more effective sealing version?" That question has been on the mind of NoTubes as well, and now the masters of tubeless tire use have introduced a new Race version of their sealant that Stan himself has been testing with sponsored riders. The key was to make something appreciably better that didn't compromise safety, component integrity, or break the bank. As you would expect, through many iterations and testing, Stan succeeded.

NoTubes sealant features an environmentally safe latex base liquid. The standard product features sealing crystals that serve to fill gaps and holes, allowing more sealant to collect around increased surface area to seal the offending area. Race sealant features more standard crystals and larger "XL" crystals to fill and seal much faster. The total crystal increase doubles the standard. According to NoTube: "the combination of large and smaller sealing crystals interlock to form a lattice work that not only seals but strengthens and reinforces the area of the puncture, allowing for an entirely new level of sealing performance." Stan also formulated a new premium low-viscosity latex coats the tire’s sidewalls for quicker sealing all-around.The all natural materials used are safe for the environment and your equipment. The advantages are clear: faster initial seal, faster puncture or gap seal, clear ability to seal larger punctures than before, and allows you to safely ride with assurance over greater terrain and range of conditions and temperatures.

Now, there are a few challenges. First and foremost, Race sealant may only be poured directly into the tire. You cannot use injectors or valves. The crystals will immediately clog up and seal these. Luckily most of use already pour directly into the tire, but if you currently use injectors- with or without the valve, you cannot use Race sealant in that way. You also must keep the Pro sealant in pint or quart bottles. If you try to use the single-serve bottles, they will clog up as well. Don't guess- read and follow all instructions carefully. The second challenge is the cost. A quart of standard NoTubes sealant lists at $24.95, while a quart of the Pro sealant lists at $39.00. Our pricing may be lower, but the relative differences maintain. Now, if you are investing in racing or planning adventure or endurance rides where a bad puncture miles from a trailhead or road will put you at some serious risk, the cost won't be a factor. Lifespan of the Pro sealant is considered the same as the standard version, so each rider must make the best choice for them. Standard NoTubes sealant works very well, but if you need or want maximum protection, Pro is the way to go. All reports indicate that this is the best sealant tester's have ever used. Works for us.

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  • Advanced formula Race sealant seals faster, and can seal larger holes than standard
  • Premium low-viscosity latex coats the tire’s sidewalls for quicker sealing
  • Twice the sealing crystals compared to the standard sealant
  • “XL” crystals and standard crystals combine to seal larger punctures
  • Ride with confidence in the widest range of conditions and temperatures
  • Safe for the environment, composed of natural materials
  • Pour directly into tires (tires only- no tubes/tubulars) from cup or standard bottle
  • Will clog all valves and injectors instantly
  • Lower viscosity than the standard formula, good for temperatures as low as -30°F
  • 2-3 ounces per tire depending on tire size/volume
  • Bottle sizes: Pint (16oz), Quart (32oz)
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