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Supacaz has branched out from their super successful handlebar tape and grips, and the Fly Cage has the Supacaz style and quality you have come to expect, and yes, there are bold color options. At 26 grams, we are fans, and we expect you will be as well.

The Fly Cage has a stylish carbon fiber base with a proven open center design upper and and lower tabs, and deep center spine that delivers strength and a recessed area that keeps mounting bolts out of play when the bottle is drawn or replaced. The top opening allows you to angle the bottle in or out, and the carbon arms offer enough stiffness for excellent bottle retention, but enough give so that it is not a fragile or brittle assembly. In all models, the carbon weave is outlined and complemented and contrasted by a gloss colorway that defines your cage selection and personal style or preference. Keep in mind that some carbon has a gloss coat, others have a matte finish. You can see the difference in the photos.

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  • Stylish carbon fiber bottle cage for standard diameter bottles
  • Stout central recessed spline keeps bolts off bottle, cage stable on frame
  • Open face, with stiff arm wings that secure bottle, allow for easy draw, return
  • Carbon weave is complemented and contrasted by gloss color edging/design
  • Select color from drop down menu
  • Weight: 26 grams
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