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Mountain Handlebar Grips

Supacaz Siliconez Handlebar Grips

Supacaz has made it's name through relationships with top riders across all disciplines, and mountain is no different. From Conrad Stoltz and Flora Duffy in XTERRA to Todd Wells, Paolo Montoya, Christoph Sauser in XC mountain bike, Supacaz graced bars and spread the gospel of their Siliconez Handlebar Grips. The simple, yet highly technical. 100% silicone delivers one the best combination of shock absorption and feel for XC race and trail riding. The resulting effect is a reduction in fatigue, starting at the hands, and moving along the arms into the upper body. As a rider, you want to be able to relax your hands, arms and shoulders as much as possible to be more fluid and flexible on the bike, while saving energy for the lower body. Grip you can trust, control you can feel and excellent shock and vibration absorption all contribute to that.

Siliconez feature a silicone that acts somewhat like a memory foam, as the grip will mold and conform to your hand as you ride, then return to it's normal full shape afterwards. While shaping to your hand, the material spreads and compresses so you get a more direct bar feel where you add pressure, but more support where you don't, so your hands don't slide, nor do you nerve zones feel excess pressure. Many riders opt for minimal or zero padding gloves with these grips. The 30mm diameter favors those who prefer a strong rider-to-bar relationship, but with little weight or excess while getting the benefit of shock absorption.

Supacaz puts premiums on effectiveness, durability and quality. Siliconez are highly UV resistant and latex free. The material holds up well over the course of a season, and is easy to clean as well. Given the affordable price and simple installation process, some riders will change their grips out a few times a year to keep things fresh- a personal choice. We have used these grips for a full year before feeling the need to replace them. The low profile grip is both shifter clamp and bar-end friendly, with plenty of height clearance. For installation you can pre-cut the grip to length based on need. Always clean your bar with rubbing alcohol, then apply either alcohol or glass cleaner to the bar and inside the grip, no quickly slide them on. There is no need for adhesive of any kind on carbon or aluminum bars. Once the alcohol evaporates the grip will be super stable and won't move.

Many all-mountain riders will opt for a different type of grip, but it is surprising at how many 5-6" travel bikes we see with Siliconez grips. Rider feedback is that the shock absorption and feel that XC riders enjoy are just as applicable to pure trail riding. You don't need a thick rubbery grip for best performance. If you haven't tried minimalist silicone grips, we encourage you to ride Siliconez for a month and pay attention to hand, arm, neck and shoulder fatigue. The technology works, and your connection to the handlebar will be drastically different. Supacaz delivers a great product.


  • 100% Silicone mountain bike grip provide excellent feel, shock absoprtion
  • UV resistant for longevity, latex free to prevent skin interaction
  • Memory foam like effect, conforms, then returns to shape
  • SL version: 130mm standard length and super light
  • Grip diameter: 30mm
  • Includes: 2- Endz Superlight, Supacaz logo'ed molded plastic end caps
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 53 grams