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Accessories Water Bottle Cages

Supacaz Supalite 11g Carbon Cage

Supacaz enjoys pushing boundaries, be it with color, design, or capabilities. The Supalite Carbon Cage features 11g in the actual product name because this carbon water bottle cage weighs in at a ridiculous 11 grams. Functional, with good bottle retention and control, the Supalite is impressive and durable enough to be approved by Supacaz for road and MTB use.

The 3K carbon is ideal for this resilient lightweight cage, and Supacaz uses their LockTight Loop mouth design knowing the fiber can handle the torque that cages get exposed to in real world use. The section widths, shapes and overall build contribute to a unified strength at such a light weight. The mounting slots in the recessed spine offer about a centimeter of adjustment, and the subtle shaping of the bottom bottle hook ensures longevity. The Supacaz Supalite 11g Carbon Cage is built to impress at such a light weight, yet you actually forget about the weight and simply use it as a bottle cage- which is not only the point, but a great indicator of the Supalite's quality.


  • Lightest commercially made bottle cage on the market at 11 grams
  • Functionally excellent for road and mountain bike use
  • LockTight Loop opening secures bottle, and allows for clean interaction
  • Shapes, widths, and overall application of the 3K carbon ensures strength
  • Stout spine with recessed channel and extended mounting slots
  • Colors: 3K Carbon Matte, Neon Pink Splat
  • Weight: 11 grams