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Perhaps you aren't quite ready to take on the universe yet, but not to worry, Supacaz can still provide you with a hold on the galactic championship. Huge names (see Sagan, Peter) race with great success in the biggest races- all on Super Sticky Kush Bar Tape. Many pro cyclists opt for Supacaz and the Galaxy scheme looks great on every bike. What makes the product so special? Clearly the performance has to be there. With tremendous grip and cushion without being overly bulky, the tape is ideal for riders in any and all conditions, affording them the confidence they need to relax and worry only about their efforts to dominate. But don't discount the color and design options, the expandable aluminum bar end plugs, and the overall quality of the product. The combination is a clear winner, so keep a close eye on pro bikes and spot the riders who opt for Super Sticky Kush Galaxy Bar Tape over their team sponsored tape and every other option on the market.

Supacaz considers this tape to be best handlebar tape ever made. Bold claim, but reputation and success back this up. In their words, Super Sticky Kush has the tackiest and best hand feel, is the most durable high-end tape, and the only cleanable high-end tape. Subjective, for sure, but many riders love it and other companies are now producing similar products. So what goes into this tape that makes it so special? The tape itself is a multi-layer construction with a generous 3mm thickness and a standard 30mm width. The outer layer is an advanced Super Sticky polyurethane material that is highly resistant to UV, sweat, and temperature. The other layer is very tacky, and exceptionally durable. Easy to clean, and can be re-taped over without damage. The central layer is the Comfort Kush Foam. This is a proprietary foam compound that offers maximum cushion from the thinnest effective layer. It's shock absorbing qualities eat up road vibration and impact, reducing fatigue. The bottom layer is made with a Nano Thin Adhesive, which is sticky for tight, no-slip wraps, and adds barely any weight. Supacaz hand stitches it's multi-color versions for maximum strength and durability. The outer PU layer is then embossed with the Supacaz pattern, with the dual effects of increasing grip and delivering a distinct look.

Once wrapped, the 4th generation Super Sticky Kush is finished at both ends with a complementary flourish. The finishing tape has the same embossed logo design. This is the first finishing tape that actually conforms to the bar tape, sparing you the choice of electrical tape over goofy hard-edged plastic tape. At the bar end, 100% aluminum, 3mm hex key-fastened Star Plugz securely and safely get the job done. With a durable powder coated finish and laser etched Supacaz logo, the plugs look sweet, and have a clean finish. The Galaxy graphic scheme just looks sweet, in part because it is simple, sparse and complementary, not visually overwhelming.

If you are a traditionalist who rides tightly wrapped Cinelli cork until it wears thin, then perhaps Supacaz is not for you- though perhaps it should be. The best grip and feel delivers the most safety and rider confidence. The cushion saves your hands from the worst of road vibration and impact- which in turn reduces stress on the wrist, elbows, shoulders and neck because you can relax your upper body, and still have maximum bar control. And when the time comes to sprint, climb aggressively, or bear down on the cobbles, you can use the energy you saved, and the superior grip and comfort, to throw down with all you have. Supacaz may deliver great looks, bold colors, and California cool, but what makes the Super Sticky Kush Galaxy Bar Tape is how it delivers confidence to cyclists, even some of the world's best riders. It allows them time and energy to think about what Star Plugz and tape best suit their bike and need to express themselves on a given day. Is it the "best handlebar tape ever" as Supacaz claims? Perhaps just in the Milky Way, but our feeling is that if grip, control, and comfort are your primary requirements for handlebar tape, it just might be the best in the universe too.

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  • Polyurethane bar tape with exceptional tacky grip,cushion; distinct Galaxy on black tape graphic scheme
  • Inline production change to 4th generation compound for greater durability
  • Incredibly durable, fully cleanable high-end tape
  • PU top layer: UV resistant, sweat resistant, maintains feel and grip in any climate
  • Foam layer: exclusive compound offers max cushion/impact absorption from minimal thickness reduces hand fatigue, increases handling capability
  • Adhesive: Nano Thin layer with ultimate stick, minimal added weight
  • Patterned, rubberized finishing tape conforms to tape for clean, secure finish
  • 100% aluminum expandable, laser etched Star Plugz have 3mm hex key fastener
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Length: 2160mm
  • Width: 30mm
  • Package includes: 2 rolls of tape, 2 Star Plugz, 2 patterned finishing tapes
  • Choose from multiple Galaxy colors in selection menu
  • Weight: 130 grams
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