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Singlespeed & Track Cogs & Freewheels

Surly Single Speed Conversion Kit

Looking to convert your standard Shimano HG-splined freehub for single-speed use? Sure, you can scour your parts boxes and scrounge some cassette cog spacers from buddies or your local shop, but why mess around? The Surly Single Speed Conversion Kit is essentially a bunch of various thickness spacers and a lockring, which combine with whatever cog you decide to use to deliver a stable chain-bearing cog, spaced out to properly create the cleanest chainline possible. Ideally you run a wide base SS specific cog, but not matter what you use, this kit will get you squared away.

So why pay for a spacer kit and a lockring? First, the spacers are a black anodized machined aluminum. The faces are parallel, with clean edges. Second, you get an ideal choice of thicknesses to establish your position and chainline. Third, the spacers have a higher profile than cassette spacers, and when you put them all together and around your cog, you get a stiffer series of interfaces that defy torque (which not only protects your teeth, but also you freehub). Last, Surly provides a stainless steel lockring that is profiled to match the spacers, so as you tighten the lockring down, the spacers and cog are compressed evenly- no binding. The stiff lockring features the internal Shimano cassette lockring standard. Convert your standard Shimano freehub-based wheel to single-speed use securely and safely with this stout spacer and lockring kit from Surly.


  • Spacer kit and lockring for converting Shimano freehub to single speed use
  • Black anodized aluminum spacers machined for parallel-face precision
  • Stainless steel lockring mates perfectly to spacer profile
  • Shimano cassette lockring tool compatibility
  • Kit contains: 6 spacers of various widths, 1 lockring
  • Cog not included