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Road Brake Rotors

SwissStop Catalyst Disc Rotor

Are you looking for a high quality disc rotor that has demonstrated via CFD, lab, and real world testing to deliver greater stopping power, with less heat, than virtually any other disc brake rotor? Of course you are! Developed by the current king of aftermarket rubber, carbon, and disc brake pads, the Catalyst Disc Rotor from SwissStop has undergone extreme engineering at every level, even aerodynamics, to provide one of the best disc rotors the market has seen. While the focus of many cyclists will be in 140mm and 160mm version for road and cyclocross use, SwissStop is offering a full line, with 180mm and 203mm for trail and DH use with mountain bikes.

The sculpted 2-piece rotor is available in both 6-bolt and Center Lock interfaces, and utilizes two materials, stainless steel and aluminum. The braking surface is SUS 410 stainless, and is joined to the 7075-T6 aluminum spider with steel rivets. The sculpted pattern was tested for strength, resilience over long use (prevent warping), aerodynamics, cooling, and to reduce vibration. The spider contributes to the overall stiffness, helps keep the weight manageable, and is also shaped for improved cooling. Considerable attention was paid to reducing noise as well, with premium results coming with SwissStop's EXOTherm finned disc brake pads.

The Catalyst features no 90° edges for safety, meeting the UCI's requirements for disc rotors. SwissStop has put a premium on rotor performance, including durability, so the Catalyst rotors are a little heavier than top competition, but in-house testing demonstrates real advantages in stopping power, temperature management, stopping power, noise reduction, and beyond. The actual rotor width is specific to each size based on engineering requirements, so the 140mm is 1.85mm thick, while the 160mm is 1.80mm thick. Fully compatible with SRAM and Shimano braking systems, and with any others that work with those pad thicknesses, the SwissStop Catalyst is primed to dominate. With better overall braking performance and long term durability, you will be as well.


  • Premium 2-piece disc brake rotor for use with most braking systems
  • Engineered with CFD, lab, and real world testing
  • Impressively quiet, with class leading heat dissipation, stopping power
  • Designed for reduced risk of warping over time; very durable in use
  • Two material design for proper advantages in weight and performance
  • SUS 410 stainless steel braking surface with sculpted vents
  • 7075-T6 aluminum spider is stiff, attached with steel rivets
  • Meets UCI requirements for edge design safety with, no 90° surfaces
  • Size/Thickness: 140mm / 1.85mm, 160mm / 1.80mm
  • Options
    • Center Lock: 140, 160 mm
    • 6-bolt: 140, 160 mm
  • Weight: 140mm / 110 grams, 160mm / 128 grams (6-bolt versions)