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SwissStop is well known across the cycling industry and marketplace for their excellent alternatives and options for OEM brake pads of all types. Their mountain disc brake pad models have drawn raves for pad wear and stopping power. SwissStop has carried that experience over to road disc brakes, which for some manufacturers and models may be the same as the XC mountain versions. SwissStop pads in most compounds are known for their superior modulation, and that is where the road compound truly shines.

The E-Compound pads from SwissStop have an original organic compound known for it's smooth modulation, controlled stopping power, and long lasting endurance, even with mixed or wet riding conditions (hence, the E- designation). This organic compound uses a blend of ceramic, Kevlar, brass, and resin. It is rotor friendly, resulting in less grooving and wear. It provides extremely quiet operation in all environments. The reduced thickness backplate is offset in overall pad and plate thickness with additional friction material, providing longer pad service life. This is a crucial fact as you consider cost. A SwissStop pad that costs you a few dollars more will not only improve performance, but last longer and is generally much less susceptible to chipping or breaking, which alone may be worth the cost to most riders. The endurance E-Disc pads have 9/10 ratings in a all major categories from from SwissStop and have tested better than the S (sintered) pads in most comparisons.

Please be aware that SwissStop disc brake pads require a very specific break-in process. While all pads do have some requirements, SwissStop gives you specific instructions to achieve optimal performance and pad life. It is well worth the 10-15 minutes required and maximizes your decision to use SwissStop pads.

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  • Long-lasting organic disc brake pad with high temperature stability for consistent brake power
  • Very easy modulation of braking force
  • High temperature stability for consistent brake power
  • Organic formula is low noise and rotor friendly
  • Organic compound uses blend of ceramic, Kevlar, brass, and resin
  • Designed for long wear and durability in wet or dry conditions
  • Silver steel backing plate, thin at 1.6mm (All E-series pads have a Silver plate color)
  • Options:
    • Model E 34: Dura Ace BR-R9170, Ultegra BR-R8070, 105 BR-R7070, Tiagra BR-4770, XTR BR-M9100/BR-M9110, XT BR-M8110, SLX BR-M7110, GRX BR-RX810/BR-RX400, Metrea BR-U5000, BR-RS805, BR-RS505, BR-RS405, BR-RS305
    • Model E 35: SRAM Red eTap AXS (Gen. 2 'Two-Piece' caliper), Force eTap AXS, Level Ultimate, TLM B1 (2020+) [includes 2 pads, 1 spring carrier, 1 bolt]
  • Weight: 19-23 grams (per pair depending on option required)
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